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New Light on the Ancient Past
Snail shells found in layers at Newgrange
Newgrange snail shells - land molluscs
NEW: A downloadable A3 PDF poster showing examples of some of the snail shells (land molluscs) that were found in thin layers in the cairn of Newgrange while it was being excavated. The poster shows the location of these layers in the cairn and also examples of spiriform art on the most decorated kerbstones at Newgrange. Click here to visit the Newgrange snail shell poster page.
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Land of the Ever-Living Ones now on Kindle


My new book, a novella called 'Land of the Ever-Living Ones' has been published on Amazon Kindle and is also available in printed form. This is my first work of fiction, and I'm very excited about it. In a beautiful dialogue by a midsummer fire, a wise old man of ancient Ireland fills a young boy with awe and wonder as they explore earthly, cosmic, mystical and otherworldly realms.


Tír na mBeo (Land of the Ever Living Ones) was an ancient Irish name for the otherworld, the place to which the soul was believed to have gone after death. In this wide-ranging conversation, the man takes the boy on a journey into his own ancestral past, and through lesson, metaphor, story and dream, creates for him a stunning insight into his spiritual existence and his quest for eternity. Read More

Land of the Ever-Living Ones

Read what others are saying about Land of the Ever-Living Ones:

Give yourself a present of space and an hour or two to read and reflect, and like Oisin in Tir n-Og, you will return to this world, reluctantly, but enriched. - Simon W. Kennedy

This novella of hope will be like my Anam Cara, my soul friend. - Michael Ray Fox on

This book is beautifully written, beautifully told … A treasure to behold and pass on…- Richard Moore, co-author of 'Island of the Setting Sun'.

Remembering the ancestors at Dowth

Remembering the ancestors at Dowth, Ireland from Anthony Murphy on Vimeo.

New interactive Boyne Valley sites map
The new Boyne Valley ancient sites interactive map
The new Boyne Valley interactive ancient sites map.  

With all of the recent archaeological surveying and imaging in the Bend of the Boyne area, a whole raft of previously unknown monuments, landscape features and possible monuments have been discovered. As a result of all these discoveries and revelations, I've decided to create a brand new interactive ancient sites map of the Boyne Valley to incorporate all of these new discoveries.

The new Flash map is designed to show information about the known monuments in addition to many of the new discoveries. There are many different types of monuments featured, including passage-tombs, barrows, ringforts, enclosures, standing stones, ritual ponds, causeways, cursus monuments, field systems, earthworks, possible mounds, destroyed monuments and more. I am in consultation with archaeologists with a view to improving the information provided and to even increase the number of monuments featured. To see the new map CLICK HERE

Mythical Ireland Tours
SlaneExplore the mythical landscapes and hear the ancient stories and monuments decoded in our new tours of ancient Ireland. Visit the Boyne Valley or tour the High Man's mystic landscape. Click here to read more and for booking information.

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Proleek Dolmen Alignment

NewgrangeRead about an extraordinary summer solstice alignment at Proleek dolmen. Click here

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"Peace mounts to the heavens, the heavens descend to earth, earth lies under the heavens,
everyone is strong . . ." Victory song of the Morrigan, Book of Fermoy

"In the old time the people used to be looking at the moon and at the sun and the rest of the stars, travelling and ever-travelling, through the day, and at the flowing and ever-flowing of the world's wells and rivers, and at the sadness of the earth and the trance and the sleep of it with the coming of winter, and the rising of the world again with the coming of the summer." Great Wonders of the Olden Time, from Lady Gregory's Saints and Wonders

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Land of the Ever-Living Ones
Land of the Ever-Living Ones: my first work of fiction
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