MoonStanding stones at Drumshallon, Co. LouthMoon
There are four standing stones on the slopes of the outcrop ridge called Carnanbreaga, which is located in the townland of Drumshallon in the Parish of Monasterboice, County Louth. From the upper slopes of this rocky ridge, one can see for miles – the Mourne Mountains to the north, the Irish Sea to the East, and the hills of Collon and Oriel to the west.

This standing stone, marked '197' in the Louth Archaeological Survey, is situated on the lower southern slope of Carnanbreaga. It is a large shale slab 2.3m in height, and 1.3m by 0.2m in section. It is aligned directly east-west, and marks sunrise and sunset on the Spring Equinox. The stone is located in wild, rough terrain, and is difficult to access. It is the largest of the four Carnanbreaga standing stones.

Drumshallon Standing Stone 197 viewed from the East.

Drumshallon Standing Stone 197 viewed from the South. There is heavy lichen growth, which is black in places, on this side of the stone.

Drumshallon Standing Stone 197 viewed from the West.

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