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Established 16/3/2000

The kerbstones of Knowth, County Meath
Photographed by Anthony Murphy 1999-2001

Presented on this page is the most comprehensive photographical account of the Knowth kerbstone art ever produced publicly. There are 127 kerbstones around Knowth - most of the decorated ones are pictured here, with very few exceptions. They are not arranged in sequential order.

Most of the kerbstones pictured are classified according to the official numbering system (eg kerb5, kerb74), or alternatively the numbering system of Martin Brennan (eg kerb_ne4, kerb_nw5). In cases where the kerbs were not readily identifiable from either source, I have given general indications as to their whereabouts (eg kerb_s, kerb_e_1) and in three cases I have given the "unknown" label because I do not yet know the location of the stone. For more information on the positions of these stones, refer to the books of George Eogan and Martin Brennan.

kerb_e_1 kerb_e_detail kerb_n_1 kerb_ne4 kerb_ne4sundial kerb_nw_1
kerb_e_1.jpg kerb_e_detail.jpg kerb_n_1.jpg kerb_ne4.jpg kerb_ne4sundial.jpg kerb_nw_1.jpg
kerb_nw19 kerb_nw19detail kerb_nw19detail2 kerb_nw20 kerb_nw24 kerb_nw24detail
kerb_nw19.jpg kerb_nw19detail.jpg kerb_nw20.jpg kerb_nw24.jpg kerb_nw24detail.jpg
kerb_nw5 kerb_nw5a kerb_nw5detail kerb_s kerb_s_1 kerb_s_2
kerb_nw5.jpg kerb_nw5a.jpg kerb_nw5detail.jpg kerb_s.jpg kerb_s_1.jpg kerb_s_2.jpg
kerb_s_3 kerb_s0 kerb_site3 kerb_sw14 kerb_sw2 kerb_sw9
kerb_s_3.jpg kerb_s0.jpg kerb_site3.jpg kerb_sw14.jpg kerb_sw2.jpg kerb_sw9.jpg
kerb_unknown_circles kerb_unknown_detail kerb_unknown2 kerb10 kerb10side kerb11
kerb_unknown_cir... kerb_unknown_det... kerb_unknown2.jpg kerb10.jpg kerb10side.jpg kerb11.jpg
kerb13 kerb13a kerb15detail kerb15detail2 kerb15detail3 kerb16
kerb13.jpg kerb13a.jpg kerb15detail.jpg kerb15detail2.jpg kerb15detail3.jpg kerb16.jpg
kerb17detail kerb4 kerb42 kerb5 kerb51 kerb52
kerb17detail.jpg kerb4.jpg kerb42.jpg kerb5.jpg kerb51.jpg kerb52.jpg
kerb57 kerb59 kerb5detail kerb62 kerb67 kerb69
kerb57.jpg kerb59.jpg kerb5detail.jpg kerb62.jpg kerb67.jpg kerb69.jpg
kerb75 kerb83 kerb83detail kerb84 kerb86 kerb86a
kerb75.jpg kerb83.jpg kerb83detail.jpg kerb84.jpg kerb86.jpg kerb86a.jpg
kerb92 kerb92a kerb92detail
kerb92.jpg kerb92a.jpg kerb92detail.jpg
All information and photos, except where otherwise stated, copyright, © Anthony Murphy, 1999-2015
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