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Established 16/3/2000

Cairn T, Loughcrew at the Spring Equinox 2005

Megalithic Clock?
A megalithic clock? This carving inside Cairn T sits in line with the beam of sun which penetrates through the passage into the rear of the chamber.
Eerie light
The heavy fog blowing into the chamber created an eerie light for photography. The heavily-decorated passage stone is lit remotely by a torch.
Clock face?
There is so much about these ancient stone sites that seems to concern time that it is tempting to think of carvings like the one above as representing the face of a clock.
Megalithic centipede
I call this carving, on a stone in the northern recess of Cairn T, a megalithic centipede. but it is likely to be some kind of counting system.
Megalithic doodlings
I've called this one "Megalithic Doodlings" but this is unfair because I don't believe any of their carvings did not have some meaning or purpose.
A counting system?
The positioning of concentric half-circles on chamberstones is not unique to Cairn T, but their meaning eludes us. Perhaps they formed part of an ancient counting system.
Cup and ring marks
"Cup and ring marks" as they are commonly known, can be found on stones scattered all over the Irish landscape. These markings are on a chamberstone of Cairn V, Loughcrew.
Passage to another world?
An illuminated chamberstone in the passage of Cairn T on the Spring Equinox. Unfortunately, the sun did not shine for us in 2005!
Thick fog on the hills
Misty mountain . . . the fog enveloping Carnbane East was so thick we could hardly see 20 yards in front of us.
Richard Moore and Michael Ryan
Richard Moore relates some old myths to Michael Ryan on the summit of Carnbane East.


On a clear Spring Equinox morning, the sunrise penetrates into the rear of the chamber of Cairn T at Loughcrew, illuminating symbols on a heavily decorated stone. Seeing this event requires to be at the summit of Carnbane East at before 6.30am. Unfortunately, for the three days around the Spring Equinox 2005, the event was not seen because of inclement weather. However, there are always interesting people around and the spirits were still good when the above photos were taken on Sunday, March 20th. Michael Fox of was lucky to catch the event on Wednesday, March 23rd, and has a nice sequence of photos on his website – click here to see them. photos
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