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Established 16/3/2000
Newgrange & Pyramids: Fantastic revelations

Newgrange passage-tomb in the Boyne Valley, Ireland, and the Giza Pyramids are separated by an angular distance of EXACTLY 36 DEGREES, precisely ONE TENTH OF THE EARTH'S CIRCUMFERENCE


It has long been suggested or hinted at that Newgrange and the great Giza Pyramids are connected. One theory suggests that there is a great ley line running from Newgrange to Giza, and indeed that the line of winter solstice sunrise is said to run from Newgrange towards Egypt. Information from Google Earth, however, puts an even more fascinating gloss on the story, and suggests an extraordinary link between the two that, if it is just a coincidence, is a most fantastic and extraordinary one.

The Goole Earth program, which is free to download, is a very powerful tool. I have used it to demonstrate some of the extraordinary alignments of monuments in Ireland, some of which are documented in Island of the Setting Sun. In addition to being able to draw lines using the Ruler tool, you can also measure distances, in various units, and this is where Google Earth reveals extraordinary things about the placement of Newgrange and the Pyramids with regard to each other.

If you find any of what I'm about to reveal too good to be true, try it for yourself! Download Google Earth and repeat the steps shown here to see for yourself.

Great Pyramid
First, zoom in on the Great Pyramid at Giza, as shown in the image above right. Put a Placemark on it, exactly on the apex of the pyramid, to help you find it when zooming in and out. To help you find it easier, if you have trouble, either type Giza Pyramids into the Google Earth search tab or enter these coordinates: 29°58'43.48"N 31° 8'4.31"E. Then go to Newgrange, Ireland, which you can find at these coordinates: 53°41'40.59"N 6°28'31.39"W. It's the great big green mound with the white front facing southeast, as shown in the photo on right. Use a Placemark to mark its position. Newgrange
Now, using the Ruler tool, start drawing a line from Newgrange roughly towards the southeast. If you have a wheel on your mouse, you can zoom out from Newgrange using the mouse wheel as you extend the line towards the southeast. This can be difficult and might take a bit of practice. The idea is to keep zooming out and keep extending the line towards Egypt. Remember to start the line exactly in the middle of the mound of Newgrange. Sometimes you might "drop" the end of the line - this can be "picked up" again if you click the ruler tool on the little red dot at the end of the line. Line from Newgrange
When you manage to get the line near Egypt, you will need to begin zooming in again. The Placemark you used to mark the Great Pyramid should help you to more easily pick out your target. Keep zooming in as you get closer to the Pyramids and try to place the end of the line exactly on the apex of the Great Pyramid, as shown in the screenshot on right. To see a larger version of any of these screenshots, just click on one. As you will see when you complete the line, the distance from Newgrange to the Great Pyramid is 4,007.48 kilometres on a bearing of 115.94 degrees. Now, this is where the really astonishing bit comes . . . Line to Pyramid
You can zoom out for this bit if you like, as I have done on the right. On the floating "Ruler" palette, you will see beside "Map Length" there is a drop-down menu which enables you to select different units of measurement between two points on the earth. If you click on that and select "Degrees" (which is the angular separation between the two points), you will see that Newgrange and the Great Pyramids are EXACTLY 36 DEGREES APART. This is exactly ONE TENTH OF THE CIRCUMFERENEC OF THE EARTH! It is astonishingly accurate. If you move either point by 500 metres you will find the distance is no longer exactly 36 degrees. Newgrange-Pyramids 36 degrees
This extraordinary fact, revealed by Google Earth, shows that the 5,200-year-old Irish passage-mound called Newgrange, in the Boyne Valley, is located precisely one-tenth of the earth's circumference from the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu or Pyramid of Cheops) of Giza in Egypt. Furthermore, if you move the end point of the line onto the other two pyramids, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure, the angular distance remains the same, 36 degrees. To test the accuracy, look at the angular distance in arcseconds. The measurement is 129,600 arcseconds, whcih is exactly one tenth of 1,296,000, the number of arc seconds in a 360-degree circle (60 * 60 * 360).

Of further interest, and perhaps of some relevance to our investigation, is the distance between Newgrange and the Great Pyramid in nautical miles, which, if you select from the drop-down menu, shows as 2,163.86 nm. This is very close to 2,160, the number of years the sun spends in each of the 12 Zodiac constellations as it regresses through a full 25,920-year cycle of Precession of the Equinoxes. Again, this could be a coincidence but is certainly deserving of further investigation.

Certainly the angular separation of Newgrange and the Pyramids is fascinating. It raises so many questions.

Nautical miles
Newgrange is 1,000 years older than the pyramids. Did the society that built Newgrange, or even its technology, its knowledge, migrate into Europe and eventually towards Egypt, where the knowledge and methods were improved upon to a great degree to create even more lavish and fantastic monuments?

36 degrees of separation is a very important number. It is half of 72, which is the number of years it takes the sun to precess by one degree through the Zodiac (72 * 360 = 25,920, the full cycle of precession). Graham Hancock, in his wonderful "Heavens Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilisation", revealed that the geodetic relationship between the huge temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia were separated from the Giza Pyramids by 72 degrees of longitude.

Certainly the accuracy of the Newgrange-Giza separation is without a doubt. If you move either end of the line by just a few hundred metres, the distance increases to 36.01 degrees or decreses to 35.99 degrees, depending on which way you move the line. If this is just a coincidence, it is one of the most extraordinarily synchronistic correlations I have ever witnessed.

I am grateful to Peter McNamara, a Limerick man, for bringing the above information to my attention. Peter is, like me, an amateur astronomer with an interest in ancient mysteries. I hadn't known about this extraordinary placement of these monuments before.

Further information can be seen at these links:

James Q Jacobs mentions on his website that he discovered in 1991 using spherical trigonometry that Newgrange and the Cheops (Khufu) pyramid were 1/10th of the earth's circumference apart.

The 36 degree separation of Newgrange and Giza is also mentioned on this website, but curiously it is a picture of Knowth that is shown, not Newgrange.

Newgrange is also located 1/100th of the planetary circumference from Avebury in England, according to this website.

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