Prominent archaeologist
surveys Ashbourne sites

Fingal Independent, August 4th, 2000, Page 1:

A PROMINENT archaeologist has carried out a partial survey of sites at Ashbourne which, locals claim, are under threat from the town's by-pass.

Prof George Eogan, a former Dean of Archaeology at UCD, told the Fingal Independent that he 'couldn't swear' that seven sites identified by local historical groups were of archaeological importance following an examination of two of the sites at the weekend.

Meath Historical Society, along with the Baltrasna/Fleenstown Residents Association and Ashbourne Historical Society, is objecting to the NRA's plans for the Ashbourne by-pass which they say will pass through four important archaeological sites and within 100 metres of three more.

'I couldn't swear if they were archaeological sites but it's quite a possibility. The road-way is going through a rich archaeological area and it wouldn't come as a surprise to me if archaeological features were turned up,' he said.

Members of the Historical Society have called for a 'thorough investigation' of the sites to be carried out. Prof. Eogan said that the most common means of doing this is through thorough field-walking and the examination of aerial photographs.

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