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Established 16/3/2000

Ancient astronomy documentary team visits Boyne Valley

The documentary maker Roel Oostra, who has worked with such great names as Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Archie Roy, Bill Sullivan and Hertha von Dechend, was in Ireland to film part of a documentary about how ancient cultures tried to replicate what they saw in the sky on the ground. Tentatively titled "As Above, So Below", the one-hour documentary will take a year to complete, and as well as featuring the famous Boyne Valley passage-tombs here in Ireland, will also visit England, Holland, Egypt, Japan, South America and Sri Lanka.

During his visit to Ireland, Roel Oostra, who was accompanied by cameraman Gé Aarts, concentrated on the Boyne Valley, and in particular the Cygnus Enigma theory formulated by Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore, who have been studying the archaeology and myths of Ireland and their associated astronomy for the past eight years.

The documentary makers filmed at Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Fourknocks over the course of two days. As well as exploring the Cygnus Enigma, they were particularly keen to impart the notion that the Boyne complex builders were concerned with much more than just the solstice sun. There was a great emphasis on the moon here, as well as the stars. It is clear that the megalithic monuments of Brú na Bóinne are astronomical constructs which have not yet been fully fathomed. At Dowth, Anthony Murphy discussed the legend about how the king of Ireland wanted to build a great tower from which he could pass to heaven, and how this myth has a solstice and eclipse influence. Furthermore, Mr. Oostra wanted to explore the idea that the Boyne river, named after Bóann, the "bright cow" goddess, may have been seen as an earthly reflection of the Milky Way, which was called in Irish Bealach Bó Finne, the "Way of the White Cow".

During their stay, Roel and Gé stayed at the excellent Newgrange Lodge, which is located beside the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre. The staff were very courteous and we had the use of the conference room for filming an interview.

Roel Oostra is credited in the acknowledgements of Graham Hancock's book Fingerprints of the Gods and also by Robert Bauval in the ground-breaking study of Egypt which he co-authored with Hancock, called Keeper of Genesis.

See the Cygnus Enigma mini documentary

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