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Established 16/3/2000

Irish Megalithic Images as electronic art, by Lloyd Graham

Lloyd Graham, of Sydney, Australia, has presented these wonderful images for the Mythical Ireland website. Lloyd says that, a few years ago, after a visit to Newgrange, he became inspired by the megalithic art in the Boyne Valley, so he generated these four digital compositions based directly on motifs engraved at Newgrange and Knowth. He says he thinks other people will enjoy seeing them too (and they definitely will!) so he sent them to me for the art section, and here they are in all their glory.

 Kerbstone 52, Newgrange

Kerbstone 52

This is the wonderful kerbstone 52, from Newgrange. Located at the northwestern side of the kerb, it is diametrically opposite to kerbstone 1, the great entrance stone. The three cup marks contained in a cartouche, and repeated three times on the stone, may be early representations of Orion's Belt, dating back to the early part of the third millennium Before Christ.

 Kerbstone 15, Knowth - Prehistoric Calendar

Kerbstone 15 at Knowth

This is the truly amazing kerbstone 15 at Knowth, which author Neil Thomas has said is "an exact 365 day, sixteen month, four week month, five day week solar calendar." You can see his detailed description of the calendrical function of this stone on this page, while you can browse pictures of Kerbstone 15 and many of the other kerbstones of Knowth on this page.

Newgrange Spirals from Kerbstone 1 and Chamberstone 10

Newgrange spirals

The spiral, or triple spiral, is one of the most familiar images from the Irish Neolithic. The impressive entrance stone at Newgrange, Kerbstone 1, is highly decorated with spirals. Some researchers believe the spiral represents the sun, or the sun's movements through the sky. See a detailed interpretation of megalithic symbols on this page. The triple spiral is repeated inside Newgrange, on a stone in the end recess of the chamber, Chamberstone 10. This triple spiral symbol, according to Professor Tom Ray of the Institute of Advanced Studies, could have been indirectly illuminated at Winter Solstice as mentioned in local legend. (Source: New Data on Newgrange, Frank Prendergsat, 1991.)

Engravings on Knowth East basin

Knowth basin markings

These markings are from the huge stone basin which is located in the right recess of the cruciform chamber of Knowth. The top image shows the markings which are located in the bowl at the top of the basin, while the lower marking is located around the front of the basin. Brennan says of the upper markings: "The stone basin at Knowth is a ritual implement found in the context of an equinoctial solar construct. As ideally the equinoxes divide twelve months of the year into two equal parts, six radials are divided by a luni-solar emblem." The photograph of this remarkable stone basin from Knowth shown below is by Martin Byrne of the Sacred Island website, at

Knowth Basin picture
Basin in Knowth east

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