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Established 16/3/2000

Newgrange quilt by Rozemaryn Van der Horst

Newgrange quilt

This unique artwork is by Rozemaryn Van der Horst, a member of the Kona Coffee Quilters. Rozemaryn spent four months creating this wonderufl masterpiece based on Newgrange. Rozemaryn explains:

"I belong to an on-line American quilt group. For the fun of it, we were to make a challenge quilt. The
theme was winter solstice and it could be no larger than 160" (400 cm) in circumference. It had to contain
a traditional block, a certain blue fabric and certain techniques.

Newgrange entrance

Detail of the entrance to Newgrange from Rozemaryn's quilt.

Since the winter solstice has little significance in Hawaii, I looked on the internet and found Newgrange. I had never heard of it and it intrigued me.

I tried to find out more and made the quilt, which I started on September 3, 2004 and I finished the front around December 21, 2004.The required traditional block is called Irish Chain and the quilt is constructed of it, except the mound itself. In the border, the petroglyphs are depicted, because the kerb stones in the quilt are a bit small to embroider.

I have been making quilts since 1989. Before that I made batiks and watercolors. Sometimes I still make a waterclor or two. I have quilts in museums and private collections and some of them are still home with me."

Spiral detail

Detail of one of the spirals on the quilt.

The rear of the quilt features a reproduction of the magnificent corbelled ceiling of Newgrange, which was constructed with such accuracy that it has kept rainwater out of the chamber for over 5,000 years!

Rozemaryn says she is grateful to Mythical Ireland for the many images of Newgrange featured on this website, some of which helped her when creating the quilt.

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