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Established 16/3/2000
Ancient astronomy explained
Dark Skies - Astronomy & Space article
Dark Skies 
Dark Skies - Astronomy & Space article
Dark Skies 
Dark Skies - Unraveling the cosmic vision of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers. An article by Anthony Murphy published as the cover story in the July 2008 issue of Astronomy & Space magazine. With some wonderful images by Declan McCormack. The article looks at some of the issues affecting our appraisal of the capabilites of the astronomer builders of 5,000 years ago and examines some of the evidence pointing towards a more complicated knowledge than is currently acknowledged. From Newgrange to Ireland's Stonehenge to the mountains of Sligo, we follow the cosmic trail left by our ancient ancestors. Click here to see the article.
STAR SYMBOLS - Is the meaning of Stone Age symbols astronomical? Here we take a detailed look at some of the interpretations.
THE LUNAR NODES - Understand how the Moon's path is inclined to the Ecliptic and a few lessons which can be learned from watching its movements.
METONIC CYCLE - An illustrated lesson on the Moon's 19-year cycle which was observed by the Neolithic astronomers.
AZIMUTHS - The horizon positions of the rising and setting Sun on the solstices and equinoxes.
ZODIAC POSITIONS - The housing of the Sun on the key astronomical dates for both the present day and for 3000BC.
STAR RISINGS - The rising and setting positions of all the major stars for the year 2,800BC. These positions are calibrated for the Boyne Valley area.
ASTRO CHARTS - Some helpful illustrations and diagrams showing important sunrise positions and lunar standstills, plus the ancient astronomical calendar of events.
IRISH ZODIAC - the constellations of the Zodiac as they are known in the Irish language.
CELTIC ASTROLOGY - Searles O'Dubhain breaks the ice on the subject of whether the Celts studied astrology. NEW!!
ANCIENT ASTRONOMERS - A comprehensive article about the astronomy of the ancient sites. Text of a lecture given to Astronomy Ireland in 2002 - 10,000 words (80k).
BOYNE CALENDARS - Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth: calendars for the Sun, Moon and stars?
Newgrange and Orion's Belt

Stone Age astronomy in Ireland
Click here to enter Stone Age Astronomy
There is mounting evidence in Ireland to support the notion that the Neolithic community here were adept in studying the movements of the heavens. Visit our "Star Stones" page to see some of our research.


Superb photographs of the sky - including the solar eclipse of August 1999, Aurora Borealis, the moon and planets, the constellations, total lunar eclipse, Comet Hale-Bopp, daytime sky scenes and much more.

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Alan Shepard - the first American in space and the fifth man to walk on the Moon.


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