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Established 16/3/2000

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"Anthony your site is glorious! We were so enthralled we could have spent days there, in fact we've bookmarked it to go back. It has so much to offer, is attractive, entertaining and VERY educational!"
Pegasus Award winner
East Antrim Astronomical Society
East Antrim Astronomical Society's Website of the Month winner, October 2004.
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I was particularly enthused by your site and congratulate you for creating an exceptional Celtic site! - Nancy Monaghan
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Your website "Mythical Ireland" has met with the criteria needed to win our Historic and Cultural Heritage Bronze Award! You have won our very prestigious award for your very excellent content, easy to navigate and good loading time.
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I absolutely love what you have done with your website. I enjoyed the photographs and I know, visitors to my pages will like them too.
Mythology Award of Excellence
I've had a life-long love of mythology and only choose the very best of mythological sites on the 'Net for this award. Your site is outstanding, providing a wealth of resources for those seeking knowledge of the world's mythology. I applaud you for a job well done.
This site was awarded 3 Shamrocks by Doras.
This is a very interesting site, featuring a wide range of content presented in a striking format. This is a good website.


Golden Web Award


"An extremely interesting site, it claims to shed new light on the ancient past. We're quite familiar with the glories of Tara and Newgrange but this site reveals far greater depths than that. Acquainting you with the many megalithic monuments of Ireland, you are also encouraged to explore mythological races like the Tuatha De Danann and tales from the Irish Iliad, the Táin Bó Culainge. "

"Navigation is straightforward and the interesting content ensures that you'll spend quite some time on the site. We particularly liked the astronomical news which is updated daily and neatly coalesces the advances of modern technology with the incredible wisdom of the ancients. It's a site that piques your curiosity about those that went before us, and makes you wonder what lessons can still be learnt from them today. "

Yahoo! picks of the Week
Yahoo! picks of the week
Yahoo! picks of the week


"We've come over all spooky at Picks Central this week. All manner of weird and wonderful web sites have cast a spell over our screens. Take Mythical Ireland, for instance, with its fantastically detailed sections on Irish myths, megalithic sites, and astronomy. The introduction says, "There is a dim light which shines from the remote distance of the Neolithic past," which, "Carries a message of wisdom, a source of being, a revelation of cosmic unity. It inspires us, it teaches us, it makes us more aware..." We're really too cynical for all that, although we have learned a lot about ancient rites, kerbstones, and all manner of historical stuff from this most comprehensive of sites."

Major site reviews

Sunday Times Internet Magazine "Doors", July 29, 2001:

THAT'S AMAZING: "More than enough websites confidently predict the date of Armageddon, so it is a pleasure to come across one that now promises "a revelation of cosmic unity". This is something that has not yet been included as a free gift with breakfast cereals. Judging by the breathlessly reported discoveries at Mythical Ireland (www.geocities. com/mythical_ireland/), we should all pay more attention when next we notice the sun falling on an upturned rock during the summer solstice. It is easy to mock the pseudo-science, but Stone Age astronomy is clearly an underexplored field, and the cocktail of mythology, archeology and gorgeous photography served up here does have a certain cosmic charm."

Comments by other websites

MYTHICAL IRELAND Spirals, lozenges and concentric circles in one of the world's hubs of megalithic art. Knowth, Dowth, Newgrange and Fourknocks sunlit in their full glory! Lunar and stellar significance explored. Don't miss it, you know you can't explore the sites yourself or at least not all the nooks inside. Excellent photography. - Modern Antiquarian

A beautifully illustrated site which specialises in discussion of neolithic and mesolithic sites in Ireland. There are excellent pictures, clickable maps and free wallpapers. Heavyweight academic material this is not, but it is full of very helpful visuals for a newcomer to the period. - Irish, The Irish Studies Website

Mythical Ireland - Great site about prehistoric Ireland, with a focus on megaliths and Neolithic astronomy. The stuff on the huge megalithic complex at Knowth is especially fascinating - the site was designed to capture the sunlight in a special way only at the equinoxes. There are some wonderful photos taken there at the September 22nd 2000 equinox, and of many other things. - Graham Hancock

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