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Established 16/3/2000

Books recommended by Mythical Ireland

Over the course of the years, I've read many books, mainly non-fiction books. In recent years, I've read a fair bit about Ireland and archaeology, mythology, astronomy etc. Occasionally, I read books unrelated to Mythical Ireland. This page is dedicated to bringing you some information about books which I have read which have made a lasting impression on me. Here goes.

THE SEA (Cube Book)

This 'cube' book, as the name suggests, is shaped a little bit like a cube. It's small, thick and blocky. To sum it up in one sentence, this little volume is a collection of breathtaking photographs from around the world - and even in space looking down on it - all relating to the seas and oceans. From White Star Publishers, it is in full colour and features hundreds of photographs by dozens of photographers. Each page reveals yet another amazing image. This is truly a great coffee table book, and one which would dazzle your visitors any day. There are sections about such diverse topics as 'pictures from space', 'towns and villages', 'the wings of the wind', 'creatures between air and water', 'water and fire' and 'at the end of the day'. 740 pages. *****

This book is available to purchase from


An enormous book in terms of dimensions, it won't fit on the average bookshelf. It might even serve as a coffee table all on its own. Joking aside, this beautiful book is full of wonderful images of Ireland. The following synopsis of the book sums it up beautifully and accurately: "Spectacular Ireland, a magnificent collection of more then 140 colour photographs by some of Ireland's best landscape photographers and elegant text by Peter Harbison, one of Ireland's most distinguished archaeologists. This handsome volume celebrates Ireland, a small island country of extraordinary beauty, fascinating history, and evocative myths and legends where the old and the new thrive together in an interesting mix. From ancient standing stones and portal dolmens to breathtaking pastoral scenes, exuberant colourful gardens, and energetic cities of architectural sophistication, we take a photographic tour reflecting the soul and passion of this spectacular island. SPECTACULAR IRELAND is a breathtaking journey in words and image to one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a rich heritage of history, magic, and mystery, that makes Ireland a favourite destination for tourist and armchair travellers alike."

This book can be purchased from

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