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Established 16/3/2000
The Mythology of Venus - new book
A new book called 'The Mythology of Venus' has been published, featuring contributions from an international host of authors, including Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland. The book also features a foreword by Morgan Llywelyn. In the following video, Anthony Murphy reads a small excerpt from his chapter about Venus and Newgrange:

Here is a short description of the new book:

Mythology of VenusThe Mythology of Venus is a collection of essays that summarizes the archaeoastronomy, calendar associations, religious and cultural icons, and myths identified with the planet Venus. The book concentrates on Western Europe, the Mediterranean, the Near East, and the East from the Paleolithic Age to the Iron Age. It reveals the archetype of a goddess associated with the planet Venus who is identified with transformation, spiritual resurrection, and enlightenment. The characteristics of the goddess are steeped in sexual metaphors which contain images of birth and re-birth, and they reveal a pattern of symbols that follows the journey of the planet Venus through its cycles in the night sky. Moreover, the journey of Venus and the corresponding icons associated with the goddess are part of an intricate pattern of symbolic language that is seen on ancient monuments and on the ancient calendars of several cultures. Temples from France and Ireland to Greece and Malta trace the journey of the planet Venus and the story of the goddess of Venus.

You can read more about the new book, and indeed purchase it, from the publisher's website at Rowman and Littlefield:

Table of contents:

Morgan Llywelyn 
Helen Benigni
1. The Emergence of the Goddess: A Study of Venus in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Era 
Helen Benigni
2. The Epiphany of the Goddess: A Study of Venus in the Bronze and Iron Age
Helen Benigni
3. Love Goddesses of the Early Historic Age
Miriam Robbins Dexter
4. Venus, The Caillichín na Mochóirighe of Newgrange, Ireland
Anthony Murphy 
Appendix I: The Astronomy of the Nights of Venus
Barbara Carter
Appendix II: The Eight Year Cycle of Venus
Barbara Carter
Appendix III: Of K’uk’ulcán and Quetazlcóatl, Venus in Mesoamerica
R.P. Hale
About the Authors 

All information and photos, except where otherwise stated, copyright, © Anthony Murphy, 1999-2015
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