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Anthony and Richard on Seoige and O'SHea
Richard Moore (2nd left) and Anthony Murphy (2nd right) on TV talking about their book.

Contact webmaster Anthony Murphy at the following email address:

Please note that I get a high level of correspondence, and that Mythical Ireland is only a hobby for me. I have a full-time job and a young family !!! I made a resolution in 2013 that I would do my best to answer every email, but sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes the answers are brief! Please excuse me for that. I'd love if Mythical Ireland was my full-time vocation, but in the meantime there's a mortgage to be paid and kids to be fed!!

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* If you wish to book a tour of Newgrange, or to enter the Winter Solstice lottery, please do so by contacting the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre directly by emailing brunaboinne AT opw DOT ie.

New Light on the Ancient Past


Mythical Ireland began in January of 1999 as a research project between two Drogheda-based men, the journalist, astronomer and photographer, Anthony Murphy, and artist and researcher Richard Moore.

It was born out of a quest by Moore to establish whether the ancient Stone Age sites of the Boyne Valley were astronomical in nature. At that time, he was working on a proposed stone sculpture project which would feature alignments with certain stars. In this astronomical quest, he turned to amateur astronomer Anthony Murphy for help.

Very soon the two realised that the importance of the astronomical nature and function of the ancient sites had been largely overlooked, and in some cases, ignored, by establishment archaeology. The research project mushroomed to become much more than a planned sculpture.

In the time which has elapsed since their first meeting, the research has led to a number of discoveries, including the Winter Solstice alignment discovery at Baltray, among others. The project has also unearthed evidence that some of the ancient Irish mythology may contain astronomical references, and among the major proposals in this arena was the suggestion by the two that Newgrange, the Whooper Swans and the constellation Cygnus, the swan, are connected. Recently, evidence has been put forward that a gigantic, 12-mile warrior figure in the landscape of County Louth and Meath could be an ancient representation of Orion.


In early 2000, Anthony Murphy established the Mythical Ireland website in order to present at least some of the research work to the public, in a highly-digestible form. The website continued to expand during 2000 and into 2001, and won a number of awards and received a number of commendations, including the prestigious Doras Abu award, and a review by the Sunday Times internet magazine, Doors. The site is always expanding, and throughout the most recent period from 2006 into 2007, has been receiving 2,500 visits per day, sometimes more.

There has been a strong effort made to present as much visual evidence as possible, hence the many photographs and paintings which adorn the site. This visual presentation, the researchers believe, helps to bring the sites to the people, in order to give them a fuller exploration of the ancient wonders of Ireland.


Put simply, Mythical Ireland is an exploration of ancient Ireland, and in particular the Stone Age sites of the Boyne Valley, in the context of astronomy, mythology, art, photography and archaeology. We believe the ancient people were master astronomers, confidently able to mark the solstices and to understand the cosmic cycles like the Metonic Cycle of the moon and Precession of the Equinoxes. They were an advanced culture, with a keen understanding of the Cosmic principle that nothing exists in isolation - everything is connected. We also believe they placed their gods and heroes among the stars, and many of their stories may contain the hidden language of astronomy.

We are both creative and imaginative people, and view our research in that light. We believe the people we are trying to understand were also a very creative and imaginative people.

Mythical Ireland is essentially an artist's look at the ancient landscape, but encompassing some scientific disciplines, such as astronomy, in order to present to people a fuller and wider investigation of the past, so that the archaeological textbooks and volumes, although highly valuable in their own right, should be seen as only a part of a unified vision of the past.

And there is much yet to be learned and discovered. It is the belief of Mythical Ireland that the exploration of the past should be encouraged as much as possible, and should include many disciplines. We have much to learn from our ancient forebears. This exploration is only the beginning.

At the end of 2006, our new book Island of the Setting Sun - In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers, was published by Liffey Press and is the definitive guide to the our prehistoric ancestors and their cosmic connection, and is also a handy companion to You can purchase the book here. In 2012, Anthony published his book Newgrange: Monument to Immortality and is working on a new book, to be released some time in 2014, about Irish mythology and its relevance today. In the meantime, there are hundreds of pages of information and hundreds of images to be explored here on the website.

Anthony Murphy


Anthony Murphy is a journalist, author, photographer and father of five children from Drogheda in County Louth. He has been writing since an early age, and has studied the astronomy, archaeology and mythology of the Boyne Valley monuments for the past 13 years, living just five miles from Newgrange. Anthony has written dozens of magazine and newspaper articles on the Boyne valley and astronomy. He has appeared in countless television and radio programmes, and has been featured in numerous films and documentaries, including a recent appearance on the History Channel as a Newgrange expert.


You can contact us through the e-mail address below.


All information and photos, except where otherwise stated, copyright, © Anthony Murphy, 1999-2015
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