Ancient Sites
Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Tara, Loughcrew, Fourknocks and more. Megalithic mounds, standing stones, neolithic sites. Hundreds of photos, lots of information.
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Mythology and Folklore
Ulster Cycle/Tain, the full translation; stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann; Dindshenchas placename lore; A-Z of Irish myth, and more.
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Art and paintings
Paintings of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth; art inspired by 5,000-year-old carvings; mythical art; free fonts and wallpapers.
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Information and evidence about how the ancient stone builders were astronomically astute; guide to sun and moon movements; information about old constellations.
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The High Man
A vast figure of a warrior could be the earliest representation of the constellation Orion on the face of the planet. The "High Man" measures 12 miles from head to foot.
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Helpful maps
Stone Map - A clickable map showing some of the major Stone Age and ancient sites in Ireland. Other maps listed below.
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See the Boyne Valley interactive map
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Picture galleries
There are quite literally hundreds of photos on Mythical Ireland. Some of the bigger and more interesting galleries are listed below.
Carvings in the chamber of Newgrange Knowth's kerbstones Kerb art from Dowth Hill of Tara photo gallery A selection of images from Loughcrew Astronomy - photos of the day and night skyPictures from Ireland: a gallery of photos covering various subjects. Photographs of the Winter Solstice Airplanes photo galleries

Mythical Ireland Forum
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Information and news
Mythical Ireland provides up-to-date news on archaeology, astronomy and the weather.
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Island of the Setting Sun
Information about our book, which is the definitive account of Ireland's ancient astronomers.
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