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The Cry of the Sebac - my new novel
Land of the Ever-Living Ones
Land of the Ever-Living Ones: my first work of fiction
Newgrange Monument to Immortality book
Newgrange: Monument to Immortality - click here
Island of the Setting Sun 2nd edition
"A fascinating insight into Ireland's ancient burial sites" - Irish Independent

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Established 16/3/2000
New Light on the Ancient Past
Newgrange Winter Solstice webcast 2007
Misty Winter Solstice morning at Newgrange for webcast
This is the glorious dawn which greeted 300,000 viewers on the worldwide web - plus the 200 or so gathered at Newgrange - as the sun rose for Winter Solstice 2007. A beautiful crisp, cool, clear morning prepared the way for the warming rays of the dawn glow, which weaved a magical shadowy dance on the mist-shrouded Boyne Valley beneath Newgrange. Click here to see more photos of the event, which saw the solstice phenomena webcast to the world for the first time, to mark the 40th anniversary of the rediscovery of the solstice event by Michael and Claire O'Kelly back in 1967. (Right): Narrators Tom Ray, Frank Prendergast and Leontia Lenehan explain to the global audience what they're seeing as the big screen displays images of the sunbeam on the floor inside Newgrange. Click here to see the video. Webcast on the big screen


Island of the Setting Sun -
In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers

Island of the Setting Sun
The cover of Island of the Setting Sun - the comprehensive account of the master astronomers who laid down their grand scheme in the ancient landscape.

"A Monument" - Drogheda Independent

You've seen the website - now get the book. The comprehensive account of the ancient astronomers who built the remarkable megalithic monuments and left a vast astronomical legacy in their myths and stones.

330 pps approx, in full colour. Lavishly illustrated. Published by The Liffey Press. Lots of media have been talking about the book - see the publicity which this book has gained in the month since it was published.

OVER five thousand years ago a most sophisticated and enigmatic community of people began to arise on the island of Ireland. They were the megalithic builders of the Stone Age, cunning engineers and master astronomers who systematically assembled a vast calendrical and astronomical scheme which would stand intact over five millennia.

Kenny's Irish Bookshop - Book of the Month March 2007 (Science & Nature):

"This is a refreshing and fascinating new book on the ancient monuments of Ireland more specifically those of the Boyne Valley . . . The first paragraph gives a delightful taste of things to come . . . What follows is a wonderful magical book, sumptuously illustrated and a must for anyone who loves to delve deep into our past." See the Kenny's website.

Mythical Ireland Tours
SlaneExplore the mythical landscapes and hear the ancient stories and monuments decoded in our new tours of ancient Ireland. Visit the Boyne Valley or tour the High Man's mystic landscape. Click here to read more and for booking information.

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NewgrangeThe Mythical Ireland team, Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore, feature in a new documentary about ancient cultures and their interest in the sky.

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