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Island of the Setting Sun 2nd edition
"A fascinating insight into Ireland's ancient burial sites" - Irish Independent

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Established 16/3/2000
New Light on the Ancient Past
Inspired by the artist, Richard Moore
Hill of Tara
The Hill of Tara from the air.  

I propose that the Dáil should convene on the Hill of Tara for one day once every three years and pass a few laws as a symbolic gesture to the Irish people to show that Ireland is finally being ruled from Tara once again after a 1,500-year gap .This event would be viewed as positive step towards giving the Irish people a symbolic sense of a restored pride in our national identity.

Tara has always been seen as the rightful place from which Ireland should be ruled. The erection of a large marquee in the grounds rather than a permanent structure will keep the archaeologists and the preservation community happy and it could have a festive attachment added to make it a fun day also.

The media would have a field day (excuse the pun) because this would be a truly first-time event in 1,500 years, so go for it.

The most symbolic date for this event to take place would be the Summer Solstice as this would celebrate an astronomical re-enactment of the timing of Amergin’s landing on the Boyne when he declared:
What iand is better than this Island of the Setting Sun?

Points to remember…

1 First time in 1,500 years that a ruling authority sits on Tara.
2 To be the first persons in modern Government to do so.
3 Not only are you restoring the status of Tara for the first time but you are restoring and revitalising a sense of pride to the Irish people, recognising that we are truly governed by our people once more.
4 Include the Northern Assembly as a further step toward a peaceful union.

The Uncursing of Tara

The soul of the Nation lies buried on Tara
Separated from its governing body
Join the two together
Restore the nation to life once again
As it was in the beginning and so shall it always be

Island of the Setting Sun 2nd Edition
The revised and expanded 2nd edition of acclaimed book available now

Ireland is home to some of the world’s oldest astronomically-aligned structures, giant stone monuments erected over 5,000 years ago. Despite their apparent simplicity, these megalithic edifices were crafted by a scientifically knowledgeable community of farmers who endeavoured to enshrine their beliefs in a stellar afterlife within the very fabric of their cleverly-designed stone temples.

Island of the Setting Sun second edition
The cover of the revised and expanded second edition of Island of the Setting Sun.  

In this updated and revised edition of their best-selling book, Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore present evidence suggesting the builders of monuments such as Newgrange and its Boyne Valley counterparts were adept astronomers, cunning engineers and capable surveyors. Their huge monuments are memorials in stone and earth, commemorating their creators’ perceived unity with the cosmos and enshrining a belief system which resulted from a crossover between science and spirituality.

As investigation of this awe-inspiring civilisation of people continues on many levels, evidence is emerging that significant archaeological sites dating from deep in prehistory are linked – not just through mythology, archaeology and cosmology – but through an arrangement of complex, and in some cases astonishing, alignments. Some of these alignments of ancient sites stretch from one side of Ireland to another.

While the accounts of the lives of some prominent Irish saints appear to be steeped in folklore and mystery, it seems from new interpretations of the literature that the cosmic world view which existed in Neolithic Ireland experienced a continuity right into the Early Christian period.

Join us on this fascinating exploration of stones, stars and stories. Island of the Setting Sun was launched in December 2006 and was sold out 13 months later in January 2008. The second edition is revised and expanded, with new images and more fascinating insights into ancient Ireland. It will be officially launched in Dublin Castle on Thursday, September 25th. We'd love to see you there.

See more about Island of the Setting Sun on this page | See photos from the launch night here

Critical acclaim for Island of the Setting Sun

“A fascinating insight into Ireland’s ancient burial sites” – Irish Independent

“A monument” – Drogheda Independent

“The sheer amount of information contained within the book is mind-boggling. It is well thought out and structured . . . The more you read the evidence the more convinced you become.” – Astronomy & Space

“The authors . . . reach interesting and challenging conclusions about the significance of ancient astronomical knowledge. The book is jammed with colour illustrations, maps and photographs. A thoroughly interesting read!” – Archaeology Ireland

"An essential book that demonstrates just how much the beliefs and practices of our ancestors were influenced by the movement of the stars. . . . A must have tome for all those passionate about what remains of our fast disappearing ritual monuments of the prehistoric age." - Andrew Collins, author of The Cygnus Mystery

“A recent, beautifully written and illustrated publication, Island of the Setting Sun offers a thought-provoking merger of the studies of archaeology, astronomy and folklore, to explain Newgrange's significance.” Geraldine and Matthew Stout, authors of Newgrange

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