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Established 16/3/2000
Photographs and videos of airplanes at Dublin, Ireland


Air France Cargo 747 landing at Dublin

FedEx Airbus A300 on a short take-off roll.

Aircraft photo galleries

Aer Lingus A320
Singapore cargo 747
Gallery 1: A selection of photos of aircraft at Dublin Airport such as the Ryanair 737-200 series, including some of those painted with advertising logos. Gallery 2: Another gallery featuring planes taking off and landing at Dublin Airport, including a Boeing 747, Airbus A319 and others.
Easyjey 737
Airplanes photo gallery 4
Gallery 3: This line-up includes two American 767-200s, two 757s, a LOT Embraer 170, and some interesting storm clouds, plus this photo of an Easy Jet 737! Gallery 4: This photo gallery features a North American 757, Airbus A300, A320, A321 and A330, Boeing 737 and 747, and two McDonald Douglas plus an Aer Arann ATR42.
Hapag-Lloyd Express 737
High-altitude planes
Gallery 5: On short finals for Runway 16. Some very close-up images of aircraft, including a British Airways 767, Sky Europe 737 and a Czech Airlines 737-400. Gallery 6: Unusual photographs of aircraft - a gallery of images of planes taken from a different angle, including some high altitude jet trails. Spot the Lufthansa Airbus A340!
Other photos:
On the UL70 (2): More aircraft cruising on the UL70 over Ireland. Added: 29/4/07

On the UL70: Trans Atlantic aircraft cruising on the Upper Air Route UL70.
Added: 4/4/07
A little test: Can you identify the trijet airline and aircraft type?
Added: 3/4/07
Gallery 10: 16 shots including a Monarch 757, Air Contractors A300, and more.
Gallery 9: 37 shots including lots of Aer Lingus and a couple of Learjets.
Gallery 8: 20 photos from a Saturday morning, including a 747 freighter.
See my photos on another aviation website,
Gallery 7: 14 photos of traffic rotating off RWY28 on a dull December day.
Gulf Air: Photos of the inaugural flight from Dublin to Bahrain using an Airbus A330.
Sad, historic occasion: Last Aer Lingus Boeing departs from Dublin Airport.
A rare visitor - Hemus Air Tupolev 154 - comes to Dublin. See video also.
Fire emergency at Dublin Airport for Aviajet Airbus A310 with rudder problems.

Airplane movies

Runway 28 take-offs: Different aircraft taking off from the main runway at EIDW. 16.7MB NEW
Air France Cargo 747: F-GISF, a 747-400 cargo jet, puts down on 28 at Dublin. 9MB
FexEd A300 on short take-off: Watch this heavy jet behaving like a smaller plane. 5.22MB
Crosswind landings 3: Some extreme crosswind action at Dublin Airport. 15MB

Planes On the UL70: Some planes on the UL70, including a sky chase. YouTube

Heavies on the roll: Etihad A330, Air Canada B762 and American B763 moving off. 7.35MB
Continental 767-200: Continental operates 767-400s as well as 757s out of Dublin. 4.10MB
Air Baltic 737-500: YL-BBQ, a relatively recent purchase for Air Baltic. 3.40MB
Aer Lingus A320: St. Brendan (EI-DET), one of the new Shamrocks, rotates. 3.41MB
Malev 737-700: This Hungarian bird rotates off runway 28 in the sun. 3.33MB
Delta take-off: This Delta heavy, flight 165, is bound for New York. 4.28MB
BMI A320: G-MIDZ after landing on a sunny day at Dublin. 4.34MB
Scandinavian MD-82: A nice landing by this SAS plane in Star Alliance colours. 3.44MB
Clickair A320: Another nice colour scheme on this flight to Barcelona. 3.3MB
BluePanorama 737-400: A nice colour scheme on this arrival from Milan. 4.16MB
Arriving from Poland: A Centralwings Boeing 737 arrives in Ireland from Poland. 3.27MB
Delta 767 : One of the Delta Airlines 767-300s landing on runway 28. 4.26MB
Etihad Flight 42 : Etihad began Dublin - Abu Dhabi operations in July 2007. 3.4MB
American 93 lifting off : AAL93 Dublin-Chicago on departure from EIDW. 3.4MB
Virgin Atlantic: Airbus A340-600 G-VFOX comes to EIDW. 4.9MB
16 is the active: lots of activity on a windy October evening. 3.8MB
A few planes on short finals for runway 16. Great close footage. 2.8MB
Bumpy landings: some interesting landings in windy conditions. 2.8MB
A US Airways Boeing 767 taking off with lots of spray on a wet runway. 1.42MB
A British Midlands Airbus A321 landing at Dublin Airport. 1.11MB
Ryanair's "Hertz" logoplane, a 737-200, captured from underneath! 1.2MB
A Hemus Air Tupolev 154 - at close range - landing on runway 16. 3.22MB
One of Ryanair's super, noisy, and ancient 737-200s - up close! 1.46MB
First Choice Boeing 757 on take-off on a sunny Dublin day. 2.91MB
Eirjet Airbus A320 in Air Jamaica colours. 3.45MB
Helios 737-800 on take-off from Runway 28 at EIDW. 3.11MB
A British Midlands A320 in new colours taking off. 1.17MB
A number of planes up close on the taxiway. 3.66MB
Lockheed Tristar L-1011 - a rare visitor to Dublin. 2.16MB
British Airways Boeing 767 arrives for maintenance. 1.89MB

See some of my videos on YouTube

Some older airplane movies
Boeing 747 taking off
Airbus A330 landing
Aer Lingus Airbus A330 taking off Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 Aer Lingus Airbus A330 landing
Aer Lingus 737 landing
Ryanair 737 movie
American Airlines first flight
Aer Lingus 737-500 landing. Ryanair 737-200 taking off. Inaugural American Airlines flight from Dublin to Chicago.
Alitalia MD80
Scandinavian Airlines MD82
Alitalia MD-80 taking off at Dublin Airport. A Swiss Airways Airbus A320 taking off from Dublin. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) MD-82 taking off at Dublin.


Microsoft Flight Simulator screen shots & videos
Microsoft Flight Simulator screen shotsAmerican Airlines 92I've started flying virtually! Enjoy these screen shots from the very popular Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004 and FSX). Some of these images are very realistic. Click here to see the images
Airplane wallpapers free to download
Aer Lingus posterFarewell: Download a commemorative wallpaper marking the end of an era. On October 29th, 2005, Aer Lingus flew its last Boeing - a B737-500 - in Aer Lingus colours before becoming an all-Airbus fleet. Also download a free wallpaper commemorating the Ryanair 737-200s. More wallpapers to be added soon.

If you wish to purchase any photos, e-mail me

All information and photos, except where otherwise stated, copyright, © Anthony Murphy, 1999-2015
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