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What's new/recent at Mythical Ireland

A guide to the latest additions and updates to the website for 2006 and 2005

Evening Herald article
One of the numerous national newspaper articles about IOTSS

More publicity for our new book: Island of the Setting Sun has been highlighted in a further three national newspapers, the Irish Times, the Irish Daily Mail and the Irish Sun. This complements publicity in two national papers, two local papers, and on local and national radio and TV. Click here to see all the articles to date. Added: January 2nd, 2007.

Winter Solstice 2006: Photos showing the sunrise at the Baltray standing stones, the crowds gathered at Newgrange and the enjoyment of a rare spectacle - for those who were lucky enough to be there, the sunlight shone into the chamber of Dowth South on Winter Solstice 2006. Added: December 27th, 2006.

Island of the Setting Sun : Finally, after eight years of research, Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore have launched their book about the ancient Irish astronomers. For a listing of the contents see this page. For details of newspaper articles and radio interviews about Island of the Setting Sun, visit this page. Added: December, 2006.

Cygnus Enigma documentary: For much of 2006, the home page feature was about the Cygnus Enigma mini documentary. The page was finally moved here when Island of the Setting Sun was launched. Moved: November 24th, 2006.

Documentary makers visit Newgrange: Film-makers interview Mythical Ireland's Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore about the Cygnus Enigma, the Milky Way, the Moon, Precession and more. Added: October 7th, 2006.

Boheh and the rolling sun: The "rolling sun" phenomena of Croagh Patrick, viewed from St. Patrick's Chair at Boheh, has been documented by a TV crew. Added: October 7th, 2006.

Spirit Mound
Spirit Mound

Spirit Mound novel - a new novel set in ancient Ireland, focusing on the building of Newgrange, has been published by Richard F. Fleck. Added: March 25th, 2006.

Cygnus Enigma documentary: A short documentary about our Cygnus Enigma, filmed last year, is now available to view online. Added: March 11th, 2006.

The Dowth trees: Evergreen trees at Dowth are blocking the Winter Solstice phenomenon from happening there. See our New Year's Resolution about Dowth. Moved from the home page, March 11th, 2006.

Newgrange opening times: Added a page about accessing Newgrange and Knowth, including opening times, admission charges and other information. Added: February 25th, 2006.

Celtic music/history trivia quiz: Test your knowledge of Celtic culture by answering 20 questions on Celtic music and history. Added: January 17th, 2006.

Newgrange and precession: Details announced on the Mythical Ireland home page of a forthcoming lecture for the Irish Astronomical Society entitled "Newgrange and Precession of the Equinoxes". Added: January 4th, 2006.

Christmas 2005 banner: Changed the website's banner back to the original "Mythical Ireland". Moved the special Christmas 2005 banner to the wallpapers and banners page. Changed: January 4th, 2006.

Newgrange by Kerem Gogus: Moved the digital fantasy art text and image, specially created for the Mythical Ireland website, of Newgrange, to the art section. Added: January 1st, 2006.

Images from the 2005 annual Winter Solstice Blitz.

Winter Solstice 2005: Photos from the annual "blitz" of ancient sites in the Boyne Valley region. Including Baltray standing stones, Newgrange, Teltown, Loughcrew and Dowth. Added: December 22nd, 2005.

Up close and personal: Some dramatic close-up images of aircraft on short finals for Runway 16 at Dublin Airport. Added: October 31st, 2005.

A little bit of harmless fun using Flash: A humorous little project I put together showing how easy it is to create something interactive for your website without any expert knowledge of Macromedia Flash whatsoever. This funny item was cobbled together using tutorials from the internet. Added: Some time in 2005!

Autumn Equinox, Loughcrew: The sun didn't shine for us when we visited the 5,000-year-old Cairn T for the Autumn Equinox, but nonetheless some interesting images from the morning were captured. Added: September 22nd, 2005.

Ancient rock art discovered: Rock art dating back to 2000BC has been discovered by eminent archaeologist, Prof. George Eogan, at Teltown House, Co. Meath, near the ancient ceremonial royal site at Teltown (Tailte). Added: September 17th, 2005.

Summer Solstice perigee moonrise: A couple of nice images of the moonrise on June 22nd, 2005, at the time of Summer Solstice, when the moon was at perigee (closest to earth) and appeared to be larger. Added: June 23rd, 2005.

Web design and hosting: Mythical Ireland is now offering web design and hosting packages in order to help others create a presence on the World Wide Web. Added: June 8th, 2005.

Interactive map - Boyne Valley monuments
The new interactive Flash map.
Interactive Flash map: A clickable interactive map showing the location of the monuments of the Boyne Valley and their position in relation to Ireland. Added: June 1st, 2005.

Aerial photos of Dublin: A selection of photographs showing Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, from the air. Added: June 2005.

New airplanes gallery: A fourth gallery of airplane photos has been added to the planes section. Added: June 2005.

Animated icons: I've put together a little page showing all the little animated gif icons, or dingbats, which are used on this website and which add a little bit of life and colour! Added: June 2005.

Recommended books: New book recommendations. Short reviews and pictures of non-fiction titles, some related to Ireland and Irish interest. Added: May 29th, 2005.

Saint Brigit: Book One of Lady Gregory's 'A Book of Saints and Wonders', called 'Brigit, the Mary of the Gael'. Added: Mary 29th, 2005.

A pagan's guide to Dublin: An article about sites in Dublin which have a pagan connection - and all are within easy walking distance of O'Connell Street bridge in the city centre. Added: May 27th, 2005.

Power and landscape: An article examining Power and Landscape in Ireland, in the context of druidism. Added: May 27th, 2005.

New airplanes section: I've added a new index page to the growing airplanes section, which now features two image galleries and movies of airplanes at Dublin Airport. Added: April 17th, 2005.

Time-lapse movies: This popular technique involves capturing still images taken at regular intervals and putting them together in the form of a movie. Added: April 14th, 2005.

Drogheda: A modern town at the gateway to the Boyne Valley, Drogheda has a very rich and varied history going right back to the Stone Age. Added: April 12th, 2005.

More airplane photos: A new gallery of aeroplanes taking off and landing at Dublin Airport, including photos of a Boeing 747 taking off. Added: April 10th, 2005.

Pope remembered: Pope John Paul II is remembered with special ceremonies at Killineer, Drogheda, where he visited on September 29th, 1979, and made an impassioned plea to terrorists. Added: April 4th, 2005.

Airbus A330 movie: Short video of an Aer Lingus Airbus A330 taking off at Dublin Airport. Also, new photos added to the airplanes gallery. Added: April 3rd, 2005.

Giza pyramids, Egypt

The Giza pyramids.

Sacred sites of the world: An exclusive gallery of photos of some of the world's most famous ancient and sacret sites by National Geographic photographer, Martin Gray. Added: March 30th, 2005.

Newgrange gallery: A brand new gallery of images of Newgrange, concentrating on the petroglyphs and carvings on many of its kerbstones. Added: March 27th, 2005.

Spring Equinox at Loughcrew: On a clear day, the sunrise on Spring Equinox shines into the rear of the chamber of Cairn T. Inclement weather meant the 2005 event was not seen. However, the conditions made for some interesting photographs. Added: March 25th, 2005.

Ken Williams gallery

Brownshill Dolmen, Co. Carlow. Click here for more photos.

Ancient Sites photography: A wonderful new gallery of photographs of Ireland's ancient sites, taken by photographer Ken Williams, including photos of Poulnabrone Dolmen, Co. Clare, and Newgrange, Co. Meath. Added: March 24th, 2005.

Airplanes in flight: A new page of images of aircraft taking off and landing at Dublin Airport. Photographing aeroplanes is one of my many hobbies and interests. Added: February 27th, 2005.

Newgrange quilt: A beautiful creation by American quilter Rozemaryn Van der Horst, created on a Winter Solstice theme and featuring Newgrange. Added: February 16th, 2005.

Northern Lights : A display of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) over Ireland on January 21st, 2005, plus other images on the same night. Added: January 25th, 2005.

Photos from Ireland

Aurora Borealis over St. Mary's COI, Drogheda. Click for more.

Ireland images: A photographic essay of the work of Anthony Murphy, including ancient monuments, landscapes, close-ups and even nature photography. Added: January 19th, 2005.

Sligo Megalithic Sites: A new gallery of photos showing megalithic cairns and sites at Carrowmore and Carrowkeel in County Sligo. Added: January 18th, 2005.

Comet Machholz: A new image of this naked eye comet, taken when the comet was in the constellation Perseus. Added: January 16th, 2005.

Winter Solstice 2004: A photographic essay of the annual Winter Solstice Blitz of ancient sites in the Boyne Valley, taking in Baltray, Newgrange, Teltown, Loughcrew, Hill of Ward and Dowth. Added: January 11th, 2005.

My hobbies and interests: A new little section containing information and links relevant to some of my other hobbies and interests, such as photography, games, books, films and more. Added: January 2005.

Saturn and its rings: New pictures of the giant planet Saturn and its rings imaged using a Philips ToUCam Pro II webcam and a Celestron NexStar 11 GPS telescope. Added: January 2nd, 2005.

For additions and updates for 2004, click here.


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