Life imitating art at Loughcrew

Sometimes, the most interesting coincidences occur. Today, I was lucky to have been able to spend a few hours at Loughcrew in glorious winter weather. There was a mix of mist and fog, sunshine and cloud and the atmospheric conditions made for some wonderful photography.

While visiting Cairn V, a largely ruined cairn to the east of Cairn T at Carnbane East, a halo appeared around the sun in the sky. At the same time, by coincidence, the sun was just in the right position to light some megalithic rock art on one of the large structural stones of Cairn V. This rock art features a cuphole surrounded by several concentric rings.

It seemed, to this photographer at least, as if life was somewhat imitating (megalithic) art. 

It seemed as if the Tuatha Dé Danann had returned at Loughcrew, shrouding the landscape in a mist.

As any good meteorologist knows, the appearance of a halo around the sun (or indeed the moon) usually indicates that rain is on the way. Indeed as the day wore on the clouds thickened gradually and indeed the forecast says there will be heavy rain overnight.

I am glad, however, to have been present on the top of Sliabh na Calliagh today in the gorgeous light of winter, with the mists shrouding the landscape below. 

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