Momentous day - website launched, new book received

What a momentous day it's been today. I didn't plan it this way, I can assure you, but the first two copies of my new book, Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past arrived at my publisher The Liffey Press. And the new Mythical Ireland website went live too. On the same day. And it's Samhain!

A huge amount of work has gone into both projects. Planning for the new website began in the autumn of 2016, with work beginning in summer of 2017. Serious hours have been put into this project by Patrick Casey and Roisin Marsh of Inkerman Technologies. In addition, a considerable amount of candles were burnt as this author edited and compiled the text of the website and indeed edited and prepared the images. I hope you like the fruits of our collective efforts. The new site is fully browsable by smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. The old black background that has been a feature of the old website for 17 and a half years is gone.

New Mythical Ireland website

A screen shot of the new Mythical Ireland website.

At lunchtime I headed towards Clontarf, Dublin, to the headquarters of The Liffey Press, where two advance copies of my new book, Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past had arrived. It's always very exciting to see your book for the first time, and I was full of eager and nervous anticipation when arriving.

But I needn't have been. It's a beautiful production. It's full of colour images (over 160) and is more richly endowed with photography than my previous books. It has the same dimensions as Island of the Setting Sun and Newgrange: Monument to Immortality. My family came with me (including my daughter Tara, who celebrates her birthday today). Thanks to my eldest daughter, Amy, for taking the photo of the official handover. And indeed to my wife Ann for the shot taken below.

Anthony Murphy with Mythical Ireland book
With the first copy of my new book, Mythical Ireland.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new website. I will post details about the official launch of the Mythical Ireland book shortly. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Patrick Casey Anthony Murphy
Patrick Casey of Inkerman Technologies with Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland as the new site went live.

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