Newgrange – Mythical Ireland's top 12 photographs of 2017

As we approach the winter solstice, and the celebrated illumination of the 5,200-year-old chamber of Newgrange by the rising sun on the shortest days, I've decided to pick out my favourite images of the famous megalithic monument from the past 12 months. Some of these choices were easy, as in a few cases I think the images are very dramatic and unique. In other cases, I had a harder choice. There are a lot of very good images that didn't make the final gallery.

#12 – Approaching winter solstice

Sunrise approaching winter solstice from a drone.
The rising sun about ten days before winter solstice lights up a frosty landscape at Newgrange.

#11 – Newgrange and Knowth in the fog

Newgrange and Knowth appear momentarily through gaps in the winter fog.

#10 – Rain bands at Newgrange

The sunlight finds a gap in the clouds to light up the rain bands of a summer shower over Síd in Broga.

#9 – Light in the chamber

This simulated light beam shows what it looks like inside the chamber of Newgrange at dawn on winter solstice.

#8 – Aurora borealis (northern lights) and Síd in Broga

The northern lights (aurora borealis) display a suitable green hue over the famous Irish monument.

#7 – Kerb stone 52

This is my favourite image of the megalithic art at Newgrange. This is kerb stone 52 at the rear of the mound.

#6 – Summer sunset from the air

Summer sunset pictured from the air. The early June sun is almost opposite where winter solstice sun rises.

#5 – Fabulous winter red sky at Newgrange

This red sky taken last winter was one of the best I've ever witnessed at Newgrange.

#4 – Newgrange and Mound B in the mist at dusk

Mist shrouds the monuments. Mound B beside the River Boyne and Newgrange in autumn mist.

#3 – A storm approaches Síd in Broga

A storm approaches Newgrange.
A summer storm cloud approaches Newgrange at sunset, presenting this dramatic sky.

#2 – Summer solstice sunrise at Newgrange

Summer solstice sunrise at Newgrange from drone
Summer solstice sunrise at around 5am in June provided a great contrast to the winter event, with no humans present but me.

#1 – Fog approaches Newgrange

Fog approaches Newgrange.
It was hard to choose a favourite but this drone image of fog approaching Newgrange in May clinches top spot for me.

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