Dronehenge book has gone to print: pre-order your signed copy now

My sixth book, 'Dronehenge: The Story Behind the Remarkable Discovery at Newgrange', has been sent to print by publisher Liffey Press and will hopefully be in the shops around 21st October or so.

In the meantime, you can pre-order a signed copy right here on the Mythical Ireland website. To do so, via my secure shop, just visit this link: 



In July 2018, Anthony Murphy and Ken Williams discovered a giant, previously unknown monument close to Newgrange while flying their drones over the Boyne Valley. They found what archaeologists believe to be a Late Neolithic henge monument, measuring 154 metres (just over 500 feet) in diameter, with a number of mysterious and intriguing features. Their discoveries became an internet and media sensation and made headlines all around the world. In the days, weeks and months that followed, there was intense interest in these gigantic relics of the prehistoric world. Archaeologists pored over the drone imagery and the National Monuments Service conducted its own helicopter flights over Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site to capture the features in more detail.

In Dronehenge, Anthony Murphy tells the story of the remarkable discovery of this monument, and attempts to unravel some of its mysteries. Anthony describes the events that followed the first social media post about the discovery and how he spent three weeks doing little else but taking phone calls, answering emails and engaging in Skype interviews with media all around the world.

Beautifully illustrated, Dronehenge includes discussion of how this monument might have been constructed and what it could have been used for, and includes 3D models of its possible appearance. Anthony explains how the henge and other features discovered completely change our view of the Brú na Bóinne landscape. These monuments will be studied by archaeologists and historians for many years to come.

The full cover of Dronehenge, including flaps. 


In November, I will be delivering a public lecture about the discovery of Dronehenge at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. See more about the lecture at this link.

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