Work begins on Drogheda mythology murals

Work has begun on the first of six giant murals in Drogheda which will feature scenes from Irish mythology associated with the famous Boyne Valley.

Artist Ciarán Dunlevy has been commissioned to work on the first mural in the series, which will feature two giant panels depicting the story of the Salmon of Knowledge. The first panel features the boy Demne sucking his thumb after burning it on the cooking salmon - a moment at which he receives great inspiration and knowledge and becomes Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

The second panel, closer to the river Boyne (where the Salmon of Knowledge was caught) will show the druid and wise elder Finnegas catching the salmon as it leaps from the river.

Artist Ciarán Dunlevy at work on the first mythological mural in Drogheda, September 2021.


The idea for large public murals in Drogheda based on mythological themes arose seven years ago, when artist Ciarán Dunlevy read a book by two friends, Richard Moore and Anthony Murphy (of Mythical Ireland), called 'Island of the Setting Sun'.

In November of 2014, Ciarán came up with a design for a local wall featuring the myths and monuments of the Boyne Valley as they were described in the book.

Artist Ciarán Dunlevy working on a mural mock-up in Richard Moore's studio in November 2014, with Anthony (left) and Richard (right).


Now, seven years later, their dream is becoming a reality. Thanks to the support of Drogheda Business Improvement District (BID) committee under the leadership of manager Trevor Connolly, a series of six murals has been planned, with the first one commissioned and under way.

The mural is located on the eastern gable walls of the Fitzwilliam Court complex in Dyer Street, Drogheda, close to the river Boyne. It features the story of the Salmon of Knowledge, one of Ireland's most famous ancient stories. However, a lot of people living in Drogheda and the surrounding area may not know that the famous fish was supposed to have been caught at Rossnaree, just five miles upstream of the town.

Other mythological characters to feature on future murals include Dagda, Amergin, Étaín, Bóinn and the Cailleach. Sites for those murals will be chosen over the coming weeks and months.

An aerial view showing the proximity of the new mural to the river Boyne.


Ciarán Dunlevy is an artist who was born in Drogheda and currently lives in Co. Donegal. He has been commissioned to create a substantial number of large murals and public art works in various parts of the country. Some of his work can be seen on his website.

Artist Ciarán Dunlevy (centre) with Anthony Murphy (left) and Richard Moore (right), authors of 'Island of the Setting Sun', in front of his new Salmon of Knowledge mural in Drogheda.
Salmon of Knowledge mural Drogheda
Ciarán working on the mural with St. Peter's Parish Church in the background.


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