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Newgrange is the most famous, and perhaps the most sacred, of the ancient megalithic monuments of Ireland. I go there often with the camera, and capture its many moods.


Knowth, a sister of Newgrange, is a fascinating and complex series of monuments. I am lucky to have had regular access there for photographs over the years, revealing many of its extraordinary facets.


Dowth is one of the great trio of megalithic monuments in the Bend of the Boyne. It is somewhat forlorn and neglected, but this gives it a charm and atmosphere that its more famous siblings do not possess.

Hill of Tara

Meath's Hill of Tara, which is within sight of the great Brugh na Bóinne monuments, is famous as the place from where the ancient high kings of Ireland ruled. I love going to Tara to photograph its many changing moods and colours.

Boyne Valley

The Boyne Valley is a landscape steeped in myth and history, and monuments from all era's of Ireland's fascinating history. It's the centre of my universe. I love photographing all of its varied hues and moods.


Loughcrew is one of my favourite places in all the world. Ancient, rugged, atmospheric and ancestral, it is imbued with a great power and is one of the most photogenic areas of Ireland.


In July 2018, a previously unrecorded henge or ceremonial enclosure was discovered in crop marks just 750 metres from the Newgrange passage-tomb. 


Monasterboice is an ecclesiastical site in County Louth, close to the Boyne Valley megalithic monuments. It has a fine round tower and some of the best examples of Irish high crosses, making it a wonderfully atmospheric location for photography.


Fourknocks, a small megalithic chambered cairn about 15km from Newgrange, is deceptive. It looks tiny on the outside but its chamber can hold more people than that of the more famous Newgrange. Its megalithic art is a wonder to behold.


It's easy to see why St. Kevin and his monks chose to live at Glendalough. It is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful landscapes in all the world. With its lakes and forests and mountains, it is a photographer's paradise.


Mellifont Abbey was the largest Cistercian abbey in Ireland and was founded in the 12th century. Its substantial remains make it a beautiful and somewhat eerie place.


Slane is one of the most important historic places in Ireland. With its prehistoric mounds and ecclesiastical remains it is a place steeped in significance.


Drogheda is a medieval town near the mouth of the Boyne with a very ancient history. It has monuments from almost all the ages, including some prehistoric remains. It's my home town and I love its very stones. 

Sligo monuments

The monuments of County Sligo, including the cairns of Carrowkeel on the Bricklieve Mountains, the megalithic complex at Carrowmore and Queen Medb's Cairn on Knocknarea.

Trim, Co. Meath

Photos of Trim, County Meath, with its historic castle and other ruins. The great castle in Trim is the largest Norman castle in Ireland and is excellently preserved. It overlooks an ancient ford, or crossing point, on the Boyne river. The castle was constructed by Hugh de Lacy. Trim is a beautiful heritage town and a wonderful place for a photographer to spend time in.


Photos of the sun, moon, stars, planets and astronomical phenomena. I have been an astronomer since I was a young boy. It is the oldest of my hobbies.