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Mythical Ireland

Beautiful colours in the dusk sky over Newgrange

Beautiful colours in the dusk sky over Newgrange

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After the sun goes down, and the birds go to roost, and the last blackbird sings his evening song, the sky fades to deepening blues and I find myself alone in the fields beside Síd in Broga (Newgrange). A cold chill bites, and yet there is a stunning warmth in the sky. The last remnants of the now-vanished sun's blushful cheer spread out under the clouds, warming them like embers in the fire of evening. For a few minutes, nature has put on a spectacular display – and I am the only one there to see it. I stand there, clicking the camera shutter, watching the scene with a coldness in my bones and yet a warm glow in my heart. Somehow, I can't but feel that Dagda is saying hello . . .

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