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Mythical Ireland

Fourknocks Western Recess in red and blue

Fourknocks Western Recess in red and blue

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This photo from my new series of images created using different coloured LED lighting. This is the right-hand recess of the chamber of Fourknocks. The top of the lintel stone of this recess was the only thing that was exposed when P.J. Hartnett visited Fourknocks in 1949 with a local historian. When he rubbed along the side of the stone with his hand, he could feel what he thought might be engravings. So Hartnett decided then and there to come back to Fourknocks the following year, in September 1950, and excavate the monument. And we are so glad that he did! His excavations, which took six weeks in the late part of that year, revealed Fourknocks I to be a beautiful passage-tomb, which, despite its small apparent size on the outside, has one of the largest chamber floor areas of any Irish passage-tomb. In fact, THE largest of any such excavated monument.

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