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Mythical Ireland

Lia Fáil – the 'Under Stone'

Lia Fáil – the 'Under Stone'

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Lia Fáil at Hill of Tara is a phallic pillar of granite that is regularly misnamed The Stone of Destiny. Mythological tradition says that the name Fáil derives from the Irish fó-ail, meaning the 'Under Stone', i.e. the stone that screams under the rightful king, that is when the king steps upon it. Given that it stands 4ft off the ground, it's not very practical to stand on it! It may originally have been recumbent in the ditch of An Forradh.

I'm quite sure you've never seen a photograph of Lia Fáil quite like this one! It is part of a series of images I am capturing using coloured remote LED lighting. In this case, the colour combination is self-evidently blue and red. Four lights were used here - one blue light to light the left side of the front of the stone; one red light to illuminate the right side of the front; one blue backlight behind the stone and one red backlight behind the stone.

I hope you enjoy this image. If you'd like to own a print or mounted print of this photograph, just select from the options above.


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