Myth & Metal: Sunday 23rd July 2023

A day of stories, steel and song at the Forge of the Smooth Road with Tom King 'An Gobha' and Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland


$50.00 per person



About this experience

Take a step back in time in the historic Boyne Valley and spend a day hearing the ancient tales of gods and monuments, and see an award-winning traditional smith making jewellery in his forge. Tom King ‘An Gobha’ and Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland will be your hosts for a very special day at the Forge of the Smooth Road, Slighe Assail, (Bohermeen), one of the five ancient roads leading to the Hill of Tara. Immerse yourself in the legends of Brú na Bóinne, Tara and the ancient sites of Meath at the forge which is located just 1.5 miles from the resting place of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Learn all about the craft of the blacksmith as he hammers steel and bronze and brass into beautiful pieces inspired by the myths and megalithic art of the Boyne Valley.

10am: Arrive at the forge (Eircode C15D7W2) to a warm Céad Míle Fáilte from Tom and Anthony. Enjoy some tea and refreshments as you prepare for a day of Myth and Metal.
10:30am: Hear mythologist Anthony Murphy recite the ancient tales of the Boyne Valley. There will be stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and how they were said to have built the ancient Stone Age monuments of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. Listen to tales of love and war, of warriors and god kings, in the most historic and story-rich part of Ireland.
11:45am: Take a trip with Tom and Anthony to the ‘Famine House’ (Durhamstown Auxiliary Workhouse), and hear about the struggles of the ‘Great Hunger’, when people desperate for food went to the workhouses to offer labour in exchange for a meagre meal.
1pm: Dinner. “Brigid’s Banquet”. Prepared by Tom. He’s not just good with making metal jewellery – he makes good food too! Dine at the forge with Tom, Anthony and the other guests.
2.15pm: Watch and listen as Tom ‘An Gobha’ King makes a piece of his famous jewellery on the anvil, using traditional methods. The skilled craftsman will talk you through every step and aspect of his forging. And when he’s finished making the piece, perhaps one or two of the guests might try their hand at making something with Tom’s guidance?
4.30pm: Refreshments, photographs and chat. And who knows, maybe a song or two?
5pm: Depart the forge.

Tickets: €45 each*

(*Ticket price includes tea and refreshments and dinner. Ticket is for one adult (over 18) only.)

Book on the Mythical Ireland website at Places limited to 30, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Your Host

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Tom King is an award-winning blacksmith who uses traditional methods to create jewellery and other pieces based on Irish mythology and ancient art. His steel Brigid's Cross won the overall best product award at Showcase 2023 in the RDS, Dublin, earlier this year. In addition to creating hand-forged artworks, Tom also brings visitors to his forge to show them the processes involved in the making of his beautiful pieces.

Anthony Murphy is an author, tour guide, mythologist, photographer and citizen archaeologist who has published nine books about the myths and monuments of Ireland. In 2018, he discovered a giant Late Neolithic henge close to Newgrange, making international headlines. He has appeared as an expert on ancient Ireland on The History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Science, Channel 4, BBC and RTÉ, among others. He runs the Mythical Ireland website and hosts a weekly livestream called Live Irish Myths.