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Mythical Ireland

Tara Sheela-na-Gig orange and pink

Tara Sheela-na-Gig orange and pink

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Inside the graveyard on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, there are two curious stones that are not at all like any typical old headstone. One is a small, stumpy, round stone 0.72m (about 2ft) tall; the other a slender stone 1.88m tall, rectangular in cross-section, which features what is known as a Sheela-na-Gig on its eastern face, on the lower part of the stone. Sheela-na-Gigs are enigmatic carvings of older females usually with their legs splayed and displaying their genitalia. They are usually found on Norman or Romanesque churches - a strange thing indeed to find carved into any church! (Some Sheelas are found on castles too).

My new series of images involves experimentation with LED lighting of different colours. In this image, I have combined orange and pink colours to illuminate the Tara Sheela-na-Gig. I'm quite sure the figure has never been photographed with such a colour combination before! I hope you like this image. Anthony

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