Trim Castle at twilight


Trim Castle, located in the town of Trim in County Meath, is the largest Norman castle in Ireland, covering an area of 30,000m2. It is splendidly preserved, and is beautifully illuminated at night, something that makes it a particular delight to photograph. It is built on raised ground overlooking a ford (crossing point) of the River Boyne. The town of Trim is said to take its name from an event in the Táin Bó Cuailnge, in which the great bulls, the white Finnbennach and the brown Donn Cuailnge, battle to the death. Donn Cuailnge wins, and carries the carcase of Finnbennach on his horns around Ireland. He drops pieces of the white bull in different places. At Trim, the liver of the Finnbennach dropped into the river, hence the name Troma or Áth Troim, the ford of the liver.