Farewell 2019: the year in photographs

Farewell 2019: the year in photographs

It has been a very busy and interesting year for Mythical Ireland. Here, Anthony Murphy selects his favourite photographs from the past year as we head from 2019 into 2020. If you wish to purchase a print of any of these pictures, send us an email through the Mythical Ireland contact page.

Sunset at An Forradh, the Royal Seat, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, in August.
In the chamber of Newgrange at solstice. Simulated light beam and illuminated triple spiral. 23rd December 2019.
Self-portrait, Ail na Mireann (Stone of Divisions), Uisneach, 5th May (Bealtaine).
Sunset outside the entrance to Knowth's western passage. 13th October 2019.
Síd in Broga (Newgrange) above the fog. August 2019.
Anthony at kerb stone 52, the Calendar Stone, at Knowth. 5th October 2019.
Ancient standing stones and Sheela-na-Gig in the old graveyard on the Hill of Tara, with first quarter moon. August.
The reappearance of Dronehenge, in a crop of winter barley at Newgrange Farm. 4th March 2019.
Megalithic art on a stone at Knowth, reused from a passage-tomb to form part of a medieval house. Orion and Taurus rising in the background. 28th November 2019.
The outline of Dronehenge is barely visible as the barley crop ripens out, 24th June 2019.
Dumha na nGiall, the Mound of the Hostages, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, at sunset. 7th August 2019.
Shooting star: a meteor in the sky over Newgrange. 29th August 2019.
Fourknocks megalithic passage-mound at sunset. 31st March 2019.
Kerb stone 15 with its "sundial" feature. Taken October 2019.
Knowth and the Boyne at sunset, approaching midsummer. 18th June 2019.


Lia Fáil, the Stone of Destiny, in silhouette against a red sky over Tara. 8th February 2019.
The Maiden's Tower, Mornington, at the Boyne Estuary. 10th June 2019.
Lavabo and cloister remains, Mellifont Abbey. 6th January 2019.
Michael Byrne, Richard Moore and Anthony Murphy celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Baltray alignment discovery.
Millmount, Drogheda, in the mist. 24th September 2019.
Monasterboice West Cross and round tower. 4th February 2019.
Rainbow over Millmount. 14th June 2019.
The head of Muiredach's Cross, Monasterboice, up close during OPW examination work, September 2019.
Newgrange kittens: these three cute furballs turned up at the guide hut at Newgrange in September. They were later homed.
After Saharan sand was blown northwest over Europe, the sky had a strange appearance at Newgrange. April 2019.


Approaching midsummer: sunset at Síd in Broga (Newgrange) from the drone. 18th June 2019.
A foggy morning on the Hill of Slane. 25th August 2019.
Playing with fire: a fire dancer on the Hill of Uisneach at midsummer sunset. 21st June 2019.
Light reaches into the chamber floor of Newgrange. 19th December 2019.


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