Become a Mythical Ireland patron


Become a Mythical Ireland patron

Thank you for supporting my effort to shed new light on Ireland's ancient past. For 23 years, I've been photographing, researching, writing books and making videos and films about Ireland's ancient myths and monuments. Now, you can support the work of Mythical Ireland – and get rewarded for your support – by becoming a Mythical Ireland patron.

Patrons get access to exclusive content such as photographs, blog posts, podcasts, videos and films, and excerpts of my new book (a work in progress).

You can support Mythical Ireland for as little as $1 a month, but at the $5/month levels and higher, you get incremental rewards. Check out those rewards over at

Make a donation and get a free Knowth poster

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Donations of €10 or more will be rewarded with a PDF poster of Knowth as shown below.

Free Knowth poster with every donation of €10 or more

There's an opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in this exploration, and, with your support, to bring you more new images and blog posts and books and films about this extraordinary history and landscape. I am thrilled to have had such wonderful support from the Mythical Ireland community in everything I've done, and have no doubt that with your support here on Patreon, I can not only continue to bring these things to you, but hopefully with an increased volume and regularity.

My hopes:

  • To create a completely revamped and enhanced website at with the aim of bringing the very best of my photography, writing and video/film content to you regularly. This has been achieved as of September 2022, thanks to your support!
  • To make more videos and films about ancient Ireland and its megalithic monuments, mythology, history, astronomical alignments and landscape.
  • To write more books. If you're read Island of the Setting Sun, Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past or one of my nine published books, you'll have seen my passion for ancient Ireland. I honestly feel as if I have at least another dozen books to write, and perhaps many more. Your support will allow me to write some of these books – and of course to take the beautiful photos that will adorn their pages.
  • To create more blog posts, which have been a hugely popular part of my work over the past few years.
  • To undertake tours of the monuments and landscape focusing on the areas that I have written and spoken extensively about in my books and films.
  • To hold occasional seminars/symposiums about the latest research and information relating to Ireland's wonderfully rich heritage.

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