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A page featuring videos and films about Mythical Ireland, including the 'Meaning of Myth' series in which Anthony Murphy discusses aspects of various Irish myths with Treacy O'Connor. What is the meaning of the myth about Kissing the Cailleach? Why is Elcmar's fork of white hazel an important symbol? What is the meaning of the mysterious story about a monster being ripped apart at Newgrange?

In this video, I discuss the dream of kissing the Cailleach and its possible meanings.

In Tochmarc Étaíne, there is a dramatic image of the druid Elcmar on top of Newgrange holding a fork of white hazel. In this video, I discuss the relevance of this symbolism.

One obscure myth associated with Newgrange and the Boyne monuments involves the slaying and dismemberment of a giant monster called the Mata. See this video for an explanation.

One of the most famous myths about Newgrange is Aislinge Oenguso, the Dream of Oengus Óg. It's an important myth with cosmological symbolism and themes.

One of the best-known Irish myths is about the Salmon of Knowledge. This fish was caught near Newgrange and Knowth by Finnegas the Wise, and its knowledge came to Finn through a fireside accident. See this video to learn more.

Brigid is famous as being a saint, but before Christianity Brigid was a Tuatha Dé Danann goddess, a daughter of the Dagda. An alignment of sites connecting the saint's birthplace and where she founded her monastery is likely to have pre-Christian origins.

Fintan mac Bóchra is a sort of ancestor deity, a mystical shape changer who has lived through many ages of the world. In this video, we discuss the symbolism of one of his forms, the hawk, and the story of the flood and how Fintan came to represent the survival of wisdom through the ages.

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