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Author and Mythical Ireland creator Anthony Murphy has been exploring the ancient monuments and landscape of Ireland for 24 years. He is a knowledgeable guide, available for private hire to bring you on a voyage of learning through the sacred sites of Ireland's Ancient East and beyond. He also organises regular public tours through Mythical Ireland. Let Anthony be your guide to the megalithic and sacred sites of Ireland.

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Anthony's knowledge and passion for Ireland's ancient heritage and culture shine through. He can lead individual private tours, or group tours, including school tours. He has been writing about Ireland's prehistoric megalithic monuments and some of its foremost historic sacred sites for many years, and is the author of three major books –Island of the Setting Sun, Newgrange: Monument to Immortality and Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past. He has featured in numerous TV, radio and internet documentaries, podcasts and programmes.

Anthony can tailor a tour to suit your own needs and wishes. Sites which can be included on a tour itinerary include: Newgrange, Knowth Dowth, Fourknocks, Hill of Tara, Hill of Slane, Loughcrew cairns, Mellifont Abbey, Monasterboice, Glendalough.

If you would like to include other sites, just let us know when you email and we will try to arrange it for you.

In July 2018 Anthony shot to international fame when he discovered a previously unknown late Neolithic henge or ceremonial enclosure 750m from the world famous megalithic monument of Newgrange

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Here are just some of the themes explored by Anthony on his tours: The origins of the Irish people; the invasion mythology; place name stories; myths of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the early gods; the megalithic art of the great passage-mounds of the Boyne Valley; the creation myths of the Boyne Valley; the goddesses of Knowth; Newgrange solstice illumination remembered in myth; the swan myths and Newgrange; long-distance alignments of megalithic sites; the Dog Star and the Morning Star (Venus) at Newgrange; the Calendar Stone at Knowth; the astronomical myth of Dowth; the story of the magic cow and her calf; the fascinating alignments of Fourknocks; the myths of the kings of Tara; kissing the Cailleach: Niall of the Nine Hostages; the Salmon of Knowledge: the poets of the Boyne; the great battles of Irish myth; the coming of the Milesians to Ireland; the 'Island of the Setting Sun'; Ireland's first farmers; the decline of the Neolithic people and the arrival of the Beaker culture; Brigid's Way: saint and goddess; the cosmology of the story of Saint Patrick's arrival; Slane and the Fir Bolg; the Christian monks who saved the "pagan" myths of Ireland; Orion, the 'High Man' of the night sky and his myths; Mata, the monster of the Boyne; Dowth and the story of famine; the return of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

  • Lia Scallon and Stephanie Phelps, Mystical Ireland Tour

    Stephanie and I are absolutely thrilled to have secured the presence of author and researcher Anthony Murphy to be our guide for this important day at Bru na Boinne. It goes without saying that his vast knowledge of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, can only enhance our understanding and appreciation of these incredible Neolithic Solar/Lunar temples. This day promises to be a highlight of our tour.

  • Glenn and Cameron Broughton, Journeys With Soul.

    We can attest that Anthony Murphy is the most knowledgeable expert on the sacred sites in the Boyne Valley, i.e. Newgrange as well as on the mythology of the region.

  • Lynette Rink, Zambia.

    Thank you again for an absolutely superb tour! I loved my time with you …. Visiting the sacred sites, hearing the Irish myths and poems, your stories and different perspectives … It was a gloriously gentle and enlightening time. I look forward to exploring with you again one day. In gratitude and with appreciation.

  • Ben & Tara Larisch, Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Your tour of the ancient sites was a high point of our Ireland trip.