Live Irish Myths & Legends: a new series from Anthony Murphy

Live Irish Myths & Legends: a new series from Anthony Murphy

To counteract the negativity and anxiety around the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak here in Ireland, I have started a new series of live broadcasts featuring readings and discussion of Irish myths and legends.

Episode 1: The Tuatha Dé Danann, Fomorians, Fir Bolgs and more

Episode 2: the coming of the sun-god (Lugh) and the story of the Children of Tuireann

 Episode 3: Scáthach and her training of the warrior Cúchulainn

Episode 4: The Dagda, chief of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Episode 5: The Second Battle of Moytura

Episode 6: Saint Patrick in the Boyne Valley

Episode 7: Saint Sheelah, wife of Saint Patrick?

Episode 8: The Cailleach of Loughcrew

Episode 9: Aislinge Oengusso, The Dream Vision of Oengus Óg

Episode 10: Manannán mac Lir

Episode 11: Oisín in the land of Tír na nÓg

Episode 12: The High Man

Episode 13: Cesair, the first woman in Ireland

Episode 14: The Fate of the Children of Lir (part 1)

Episode 15: The Fate of the Children of Lir (part 2)

Episode 16: Bóinn, goddess of the river Boyne

Episode 17: The Coming of Finn

Episode 18: Finn's dogs, Bran and Sceolan

Episode 19: The Druids, an introduction

Episode 20: The Mórrían and Moytura

Episode 21: The Wooing of Étaín part 1

Episode 22: The Wooing of Étaín parts 2 & 3

Episode 23: Manannán mac Lir continued

Episode 24: Crom Dubh & Crom Crúaich

Episode 25: The mythology of Knowth and Dowth

Episode 26: Is Dronehenge mentioned in myth?

Episode 27: The Irish Druids, part 2

Episode 28: Niall of the Nine Hostages and kissing the hag

Episode 29: Tour of Mythical Ireland library (part 1)

Episode 30: Animals and creatures in Celtic mythology

Episode 31: The birth of Setanta/Cúchulainn

Episode 32: Cúchulainn's boyhood deeds

Episode 33: Place-name myths and legends – an introduction

Episode 34: Irish place-name myths & legends, part 2

Episode 35: Irish place-name myths & legends, part 3

Episode 36: The Best Men of the Fianna

Episode 37: The mysterious island of Hy-Brasil

Episode 38: Submerged and phantom cities

Episode 39: Brigid – goddess and saint

Episode 40: Brigid's Way, an ancient alignment

Episode 41: The Milky Way in Irish myth and legend

Episode 42: Deirdre & the Sons of Uisneach part 1

Episode 43: Deirdre & the Sons of Uisneach part 2

Episode 44: Deirdre & the Sons of Uisneach part 3

Episode 45: Synchronicity, serendipity and spontaneity

Episode 46: Open House – a chat around the hearth

Episode 47: Lebor Gabála and the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Episode 48: Lebor Gabála - Tuatha Dé Danann, redactions 2 & 3

Episode 49: Áine - Otherworld Woman

Episode 50: Onomasticon Goedelicum

Episode 51: Queen Medb

Episode 52: Early Irish Society and Brehon Laws

Episode 53: Oenach Tailteann: the Irish Olympic Games

Episode 54: May Day and the celebration of Bealtaine

Episode 55: Uisneach: Sacred Centre of Ireland

Episode 56: Ériu, Guardian Goddess of Ireland

Episode 57: Bealtaine and May Day celebrations part 2

Episode 58: Bealtaine and May Day celebrations part 3

Episode 59: Lebor Gabála - the arrival of the Fir Bolg


Episode 60: Astronomical alignments of ancient sites

Episode 61: The Cygnus Enigma

Episode 62: Orion in Irish Mythology part 1

Episode 63: Orion in Irish mythology part 2

Episode 64: Is Fourknocks mentioned in Irish myth

Episode 65: Baltray – Myths & Megaliths

Episode 66: Knowth kerb 52 - The Calendar Stone

Episode 67: The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel part 1

Episode 68: The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel part 2

Episode 69: The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel part 3

Episode 70: The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel part 4

Episode 71: Ireland's lost Stonehenge – an astronomer's circle

Episode 72: The Settling of the Manor of Tara

Episode 73: Mythical Ireland library tour part 2

Episode 74: Newgrange – The Test of Time

Episode 75: Newgrange - Tomb or Womb?

Episode 76: Newgrange, Lecc Benn and The Mata

Episode 77: Newgrange: cooperation or enforced labour?

Episode 78: Newgrange - What did the folklore say?

Episode 79: Newgrange - What did the folklore say? Part 2

Episode 80: The excavation and restoration of Newgrange

Episode 81: Lebor Gabála - The Sons of Mil

Episode 82: Lebor Gabála - The Sons of Mil redactions 2 & 3

Episode 83: Newgrange myths: Altram Tige Dá Medar, part 1

Episode 84: Newgrange myths - Altram Tige Dá Medar, part 2

Episode 85: Open House – A chat around the fire

Episode 86: Some stories about the fairies

Episode 87: A story of the fairies and some poetry from W.B. Yeats

Episode 88: More stories of the fairies, and some W.B. Yeats poems

Episode 89: Some more fairy stories and poems from the collections of W.B. Yeats

Episode 90: Irish fairy stories and their emergence from earlier mythology with special guest, author Morgan Daimler

 Episode 91: An introduction to the Dindshenchas – Place name lore

Episode 92: The Hill of Tara in the Metrical Dindshenchas

Episode 93: Tara in the prose Dindshenchas

Episode 94: The Dindshenchas of Brú na Bóinne

Episode 95: More place name myths from the Dindshenchas

Episode 96: An introduction to the Irish annals

Episode 97: The Annals of the Four Masters

Episode 98: Significant new revelations about a man buried at Newgrange

Episode 99: The Annals of Ulster

Episode 100: A celebration of 100 episodes!

Episode 101: Summer Solstice - astronomy, mythology and archaeology

Episode 102: Newgrange - what does the DNA tell us?

Episode 103: My Photography

 Episode 104: A Legend of Knockmany

Episode 105: Myths, Megaliths & Alignments (illustrated talk)

Episode 106: Oenach Oengusa - Games & Henges: A Hidden Gem in the Dindshenchas

Episode 107: Táin Bó Fraích, part one

Episode 108: Táin Bó Fraích, part two

Episode 109: The Festival of Lughnasa, part one


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