Moon takes a "bite" out of the sun during partial solar eclipse over Ireland

Moon takes a "bite" out of the sun during partial solar eclipse over Ireland

I was thrilled to witness and photograph a partial solar eclipse over the Boyne Valley this morning. Weather conditions were just perfect photography, with cloud of varying thickness partially veiling the sun, making for some really nice photographs. I hope you agree.

The eclipse began at 10:06am and at maximum eclipse (10:52am), about 12% to 13% of the sun was covered by the moon. Not much, perhaps, compared with previous eclipses, but enough to make for a nice sight.

 Partial solar eclipse and crow

As always, I was on the lookout for special photographic compositions and angles. When I saw this crow/rook perched on a television antenna, I could not resist lining the two up for this nice shot.

Starling and partial solar eclipse

Likewise, when I saw this starling perched on the eave of a rooftop, I likewise positioned myself (in the middle of the road!) to get this photo. This was coming up to the time of maximum eclipse.

 Partial eclipse of the sun behind cloud

After maximum, darker and thicker clouds rolled in, sometimes completely obscuring the eclipse. I considered myself very fortunate to have captured some lovely images, given that many people across Ireland could not see the eclipse at all. The above image shows the eclipse through gaps in the clouds.

The eclipse was visible across Europe, northeast Africa, the Middle East and western Asia. It concluded here at 11:36am.

Below are a couple of photographs I took of a much more dramatic (90%) solar eclipse on the vernal equinox, March 20th, in the year 2015.

Solar eclipse 20th March 2015

Almost total solar eclipse, 20th March 2015, from Ireland

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