My new book about 'Dronehenge' is complete

My new book about 'Dronehenge' is complete

My new book about the discovery of Dronehenge is complete. My proofreading of the draft was finished during the past week and all chapters have been sent to Liffey Press. The text runs to about 68,000 words – not bad considering I started writing it on 9th April!! All images for the book have been sent to Liffey Press also.

What happens now? Well, the publisher is editing and proofreading the text and in the coming week will produce a design draft, which will be sent back to me for a further proofread. The cover is being designed as we speak and an index will be completed once the proofed design is signed off.

When everything is completed and we are all happy with the book, it will be sent to the printer. I'm not sure exactly when I will have copies, but as soon as an exact schedule is agreed I will begin taking advance orders through my Mythical Ireland website, which will hopefully commence in the next fortnight.

Dronehenge ... a Late Neolithic henge discovered using a drone in the drought of 2018.

At that point, I will begin planning a formal launch event too. Details about that soon.

Thanks for all the support during this process. You might have noticed that at times I was very slow to reply to correspondence or to answer queries here on the Facebook page. That's on account of the fact that I was trying to write the book while also working full-time as a subeditor and graphic designer, and indeed while participating in a very busy (and rewarding) family life with my wife and five children (oh, and two dogs!).

Thanks in particular to all those who asked me, last year and earlier this year, when I was going to write a book about the discovery. Your persistence drove me to action!

And to all those who helped in any way along the road.

Looking forward to having a copy in my hands.

'Dronehenge' is the seventh book I have written, although book number 6, which was written between April 2018 and February 2019, is awaiting publication, so Dronehenge will be my sixth published book.

Now I intend to take a couple of days off because it's been exhausting work, and I will be back in action early next week when the design proof arrives!

All the best,

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