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Mythical Ireland

Revised and expanded edition of Mythical Ireland (Signed Copy)

Revised and expanded edition of Mythical Ireland (Signed Copy)

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The new revised and expanded edition of Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past has been published and is now available. Order your copy (signed by the author) below. 

"Mythical Ireland embodies the search for a soul among Ireland’s ancient ruins, and is an attempt to retrieve something of deeper import from 5,000-year-old megalithic monuments and their associated myths.
The book represents a fascinating and engaging journey through time, landscape and the human spirit. Dealing with archaeology, interpretive mythography, cosmology and cosmogony, Murphy attempts to grapple with a core meaning, something beyond the functional interpretations of academia.
Along the way, the book delves deeply into the many enthralling aspects of this journey. Just how much knowledge did locals have of the secrets of Newgrange before it was excavated? Who is the Cailleach, the ancient hag goddess whose image is ubiquitous in the ancient landscape? What happened to make Ireland’s Stonehenge disappear from the landscape? What connects Fourknocks, a tiny passage-tomb, with the stones of Newgrange? What were the indigenous Irish myths about the Milky Way? Did someone try to steal the Tara Brooch? Why are there myths in Ireland about flooded towns and cities?
Lavishly illustrated with ex-quisite photographs of the Irish landscape and ancient monuments, Mythical Ireland represents a personal and yet universal journey, a quest to reimagine the monuments as empowering and transformative sacred places. Murphy invokes the druids and poets of the Boyne and thus the sídhe of the ancient texts are reawakened for a modern and turbulent world."




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