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The Lavabo at Mellifont Abbey

The Lavabo at Mellifont Abbey

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Mellifont Abbey in County Louth was the first Cistercian monastery in Ireland, founded by St. malachy in 1142AD. It later became the largest Cistercian settlement in Ireland as the order flourished here in the era of the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland.

Much of the old monastery and its churches and various buildings are in ruins. Perhaps the most iconic of those ruins is the 13th century lavabo. The lavabo was basically a wash room for the monks, situated within the cloister. Although lavabos were common in Irish monasteries, nothing else like this survives elsewhere in Ireland. It is a unique remnant of medieval monastic architecture.

I have been at Mellifont Abbey with my camera on many occasions throughout the past 25 years, and captured a lot of photographs of this very special place. However, experience tells me that iconic images require a special effort!

In this case, the special effort not only required me to be there at night, but to run around among the ruins using flashguns and torches to light up the monuments, which are otherwise in darkness.

The result of my efforts is this long-exposure photograph showing the lavabo and nearby arches, and the fast-moving clouds above were illuminated by the lights of the nearby city of Drogheda.

I hope you like this unique view, and perhaps you like it enough to want a limited edition print of it to adorn your home? Prints range in size from medium (12x8in) to a super-large size of 36x24in.


Printed on high quality photographic paper that is fade resistant. The watermark (logo) shown is not on the final print.


Medium Landscape
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20.3cm x 30.5cm
8" x 12"

Large Landscape
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30.5cm x 45.7cm
12" x 18"

Extra Large Landscape
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H x W
61.0cm x 40.6cm
24" x 16"

Super Large Landscape
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H x W
91.4cm x 60.0cm
36" x 24"

Portrait prints are the same dimensions except the height and width are swapped.

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  • Exclusive

    All of my prints are limited to a numbered run of just 100. Each item is individually printed to order by a specialist printshop in Drogheda using archive quality photographic paper.

  • Print Quality

    The image on the website is low resolution with a watermark. The prints are very high resolution, accurately coloured, with no watermark. Each one is signed and numbered on the rear.

  • Unique

    I am one of Ireland's best-known ancient monuments photographers. I have an eye for evocative imagery that reminds the viewer of the timelessness of the mythical Irish landscape.

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