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Cairn T sunwheel

Cairn T sunwheel

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A sunwheel engraving from the 'Equinox Stone' at the rear of the chamber of Cairn T (The Hag's Cairn), Loughcrew. This stone receives the light of the sun at the equinoxes. 

This is an old photo, taken around twenty years ago. Hunkered down in the end recess of the chamber, I set up the camera on its tripod and used a flashlight to illuminate the symbols from an oblique angle. I really love this photograph. Sadly, it's a photo that I may not be able to replicate or emulate again. The interior of Cairn T has been locked since 2018, and access is no longer possible. It makes me realised how privileged I was to be able to take many photographs in the chamber of Cairn T over the years.

In the early 1980s, Martin Brennan and Jack Roberts discovered that the light of the rising sun penetrated the opening of the passage of Cairn T and shone directly on to the decorated face of this stone. And there, on its surface, are emblems and icons that appear to be possible depictions of the sun. It was an extraordinary revelation. The ancient builders, in all their wile and cleverness, created a stone monument with a remarkable 'light show' that happened twice a year, when the sun was rising in the east and the days and nights were of equal length.


Printed on high quality photographic paper that is fade resistant. The watermark (logo) shown is not on the final print.


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    All of my prints are limited to a numbered run of just 100. Each item is individually printed to order by a specialist printshop in Drogheda using archive quality photographic paper.

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    The image on the website is low resolution with a watermark. The prints are very high resolution, accurately coloured, with no watermark. Each one is signed and numbered on the rear.

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    I am one of Ireland's best-known ancient monuments photographers. I have an eye for evocative imagery that reminds the viewer of the timelessness of the mythical Irish landscape.

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