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Mythical Ireland

Drumsawry ringfort on a frosty morning

Drumsawry ringfort on a frosty morning

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The Drumsawry (from Irish Druim Samhradh, the Summer Ridge or Summerbank) ringfort close to the Loughcrew Hills in Co. Meath is one of the most interesting I've seen, and has an unusual and complex structure. The ringfort itself is a well-preserved bivallate rath of about 80 metres in diameter. However, that ringfort is situated off-centre (to the northeast edge) of a much larger circular enclosure of about 120 metres in diameter. A combination of low sun and frosty grass in these drone images helps to accentuate some of the features of this remarkable multifaceted structure.

Behind, in the distance, are the tree-covered hills of Patrickstown (left) and Slieve na Calliagh (right) with Cairn T on its summit.

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