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Mythical Ireland

Full moon sets into Síd in Broga

Full moon sets into Síd in Broga

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Full Moon sets into Síd in Broga

This is a photograph that I have been trying to get for years! The full moon in winter time can set behind Newgrange as viewed from the south bank of the river Boyne. However, previous attempts to capture this image were not always successful due to clouds and the fading of the moon as the sun came up. This morning, nature gifted me the perfect picture because the moon was still luminant enough to be distinct before it disappeared behind those clouds just before the sunrise spilled its light across Brú na Bóinne.

The full moon is always opposite the sun. Sometimes, it is exactly opposite the sun, so that the earth's shadow falls on the moon, causing an eclipse. One such eclipse occurred yesterday, when viewers in America and other countries enjoyed a total lunar eclipse.

Today, the moon is just past full, and its position in Taurus, not far from the Pleiades, is slightly north of the ecliptic, meaning that it is setting further north than it would be if it was directly on the ecliptic.

I was thrilled to watch (and photograph) as the moon sank into the great mound of Síd in Broga (Newgrange) this morning just before the sun rose.

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