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Mythical Ireland

Triple spiral and solstice light beam in Newgrange chamber

Triple spiral and solstice light beam in Newgrange chamber

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I was privileged to be able to stand alone in the interior chamber of the great monument on 23rd December 2019 to take this photo. I used my own light to illuminate the triple spiral, while the simulated winter solstice beam demonstrated what the lottery winners had seen in this exact spot just a half hour previously. We were blessed with a fantastic sunrise - the best of all the solstice days this year. The solstice guests were clearly delighted as they emerged from the chamber. It was one of those vibrant, golden, rich sunrises and it provided a dazzling light show in the heart of Síd in Broga, where, more than 5,000 years ago, distant ancestors gathered in solemn ceremony to watch the same event. Special thanks to the OPW staff who work hard all year round to protect and preserve the monument and for their patience and generosity in helping to make this photo possible.

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