An intimate portrait of the chamber of Newgrange

An intimate portrait of the chamber of Newgrange

I was extraordinarily blessed to be able to spend some time in the chamber of Newgrange last year at solstice to capture some views of the interior of this great monument.
The light beam enters the chamber of Newgrange at solstice
Image 1 (the main image of this blog post) shows the simulated light of the winter sun coming up through the passage and onto the floor of the chamber.
The light beam reaches the end recess of the Newgrange chamber
Image 2 is one I have wanted to take for a long time, and one that has probably not been seen before. It shows the light beam as it enters the end/rear recess of the chamber, a view that is not generally seen because there are usually too many people in the chamber and they obscure this view.
The light beam in the chamber and the Newgrange triple spiral
Image 3 is a variant of a photo that I took a few years ago, and shows the light beam streaming into the rear recess, where I have also used remote lighting to illuminate the beautiful triskele or triple spiral engraved on the side wall of that recess.
The left-hand (western) recess of the Newgrange chamber
Image 4 shows the left-hand or western recess, which has a flat basin stone and some large spiral motifs beautifully carved into its rear stone.
The right-hand (eastern) recess of the chamber of Newgrange
Image 5 shows the right (eastern) recess, which is the largest of the three recesses and houses two large stones, including a granite basin.
I feel so privileged to be able to share these images with you and to have been given time by the wonderful guides at Brú na Bóinne to capture these rare views of the interior of Síd in Broga.
These images were first shared with Mythical Ireland patrons on Patreon.
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