Listen to the Land Speak: A Mythical Ireland live podcast with Manchán Magan in Clonakilty

Listen to the Land Speak: A Mythical Ireland live podcast with Manchán Magan in Clonakilty

This YouTube video premieres St. Stephen's Day, 26th December 2023, at 8pm Irish time (3pm Eastern, 12 noon Pacific).

I was delighted to have been invited to host a live podcast conversation with author and broadcaster Manchán Magan at De Barras in Clonakilty at Samhain, as part of the Samhain Festival there. I am grateful to Geata Arts for the invitation and for organising the whole thing.

Manchán Magan and Anthony Murphy live podcast

Manchán Magan and Anthony Murphy chatting during the live podcast.

The theme of the podcast, and indeed the festival, was 'Listen to the Land Speak', which is the title of one of Manchán's books. We agreed before the discussion that we would not follow a script, nor would we agree questions beforehand. It was a completely spontaneous conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

There was a packed house in De Barras for the event with every seat in the house occupied. We did take questions and comments at the end, but unfortunately due to the position of the microphones none of the questions could be heard.

Watch the podcast video here:

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Fascinating conversation, Anthony, full of interesting information;& ancient knowledge! Well worth listening to! And, by the way, local branch of the Soroptimist society would be intrigued to hear of you tagging them as a ‘secret society’ of womens knowledge (my mother was an active member for years, fundraising for hospital services locally, for example)!

Una Sheehan

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