After 24 years, Mythical Ireland finally has a logo

After 24 years, Mythical Ireland finally has a logo

It's a strange admission that, after 24 years in existence, Mythical Ireland finally has a logo. The website was established on 16th March 2000, something celebrated in a new long blog post on the website, and also with a 3 for 2 on limited edition prints offer. 

The website is currenty undergoing something of a revamp, to highlight the prints offer, and the more regular blog postings, along with everything else on what is an enormous trove of information and resources about ancient Ireland.

But our web designer, Perfidious Albert, has been pointing out for some time that Mythical Ireland "needs a logo"! And of course they were right. And of course we set to work on creating one!

Old Mythical Ireland logo
The old Mythical Ireland logo on the footer of the site.

Now if you've browsed the website any time in the past seven years, you'll have noticed that there is something representing a logo in the footer of the website - i.e. at the BOTTOM of every page. It is a tracing of some of the main motifs on kerb stone 67 at Newgrange. I have long loved that stone, and its designs.

Today (22nd March 2024), I am unveiling the new logo and typography for the Mythical Ireland website and letterheads, business cards, compliments slips, etc.

White on black Mythical Ireland logo

Several variants are shown - black against a white or blank background, white against a black background, and also a colour version. In the coloured logo, the spirals are golden yellow because I think they most likely represent the movement of the sun between the solstices. 

The lozenges are green, representing not just the greenness of Ireland, but the fact that that green colour, and the general health of the land and its agricultural produce, is directly linked to the sun and seasons.

I hope you like it. It's been a long wait! And it's about time. 


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Congrats.. The logo is beautiful!!

Jacqueline Kelly-Adams

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