Dronehenge, Great Palisade, Four Poster, LP2 henge all visible again at Newgrange Farm

Dronehenge, Great Palisade, Four Poster, LP2 henge all visible again at Newgrange Farm

Dronehenge, the subsurface giant Late Neolithic Henge discovered during a drought in the summer of 2018, has appeared again in a crop of winter wheat at Newgrange Farm.

The cropmarks of several large monuments, most of which were discovered during that famous summer, are visible again after an absence of a few years.

Dronehenge cropmarks at Newgrange Farm
The outline of the 'porch' of Dronehenge and some of its double segmented ditches can be seen in today's drone imagery. © Anthony Murphy


I discovered Dronehenge while flying my drone over Newgrange Farm in the company of Ken Williams on 10th July 2018. The discovery quickly went viral on social media that night, and in the weeks that followed the drone footage of the previously unknown monuments was seen by millions of TV viewers around the world.

Four-poster and Great Palisade
The 'four-poster' and some of the arcs of the Great Palisade in today's drone photography. © Anthony Murphy

The cropmarks show the likely remnants of an enormous complex of monuments, which archaeologist think mostly belong to the Late Neolithic, some time between around 3,000BCE and 2,500BCE or thereabouts.

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The rectangular 'porch' feature, thought to be some sort of elaborate entrance to the ancient timber henge of Dronehenge, along with some of its double ditch segments,  were visible during today's drone flight over Newgrange Farm at Brú na Bóinne.

Dronehenge porch
The 'porch' feature of Dronehenge visible in a wheat crop at Newgrange Farm today.

Dronehenge is thought to be a giant henge enclosure, dating to about 4,500 years ago, that was originally built from standing timbers (tree trunks) inserted into large holes in the ground, and inside a double circle of those timbers was a double segmented ditch.

Some of the ditch segments were visible in today's drone reconnaissance. The Dronehenge monument measures over 150 metres (525ft) in diameter and was just one of up to a dozen similar monuments at Brú na Bóinne in the Late Neolithic. Some of these were impermanent timber monuments, others giant embanked enclosures still standing today.


Dronehenge from the air March 2024
The giant circular monument of Dronehenge pictured 31st March 2024. © Anthony Murphy


Oblique drone view of Dronehenge at Newgrange Farm
An oblique aerial view of Dronehenge at Newgrange Farm. Photo © Anthony Murphy
Four poster vertical aerial photograph
A vertical aerial photograph of the 'four-poster', the largest such monument yet discovered on the island of Ireland. Photo © Anthony Murphy


The Great Palisade, which was also visible today, is a giant triple fence (quadruple in places) which was constructed of several thousand large upright timbers likely made from tree trunks or large boughs. Its existence was unknown before the imagery captured by Ken Wlliams and I (and later aerial photography by National Monuments Service) in 2018. It is a remarkable archaeological monument, spanning about 900 metres across the centre of the natural land terraces at Brú na Bóinne between the great monument of Newgrange and the Boyne River.

Dronehenge discovery image July 2018
One of the images I took of Dronehenge on the evening of the discovery on 10th July 2018. Photo © Anthony Murphy


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